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2011 Fall
Portsmouth, NH

Amadeus Technology Transforms the Future of Hotel IT Management
Today hoteliers have no choice but to keep up with the changes in IT if they want to stay competitive. While hotels still rely on complex and fragmented systems, the future of the industry is about thinking differently and adapting to new business environments.

Globalization, more technologically savvy customers and the availability of information are a few examples of new scenarios facing hoteliers. A shift from defined customer segments to a more fragmented set of service spectrums will demand that hotels be more guest focused, personal and connected. The right technology will be increasingly important in delivering on guest expectations and brand differentiation.

Business transformation is therefore the key to success. This is what Amadeus Hotel Platform is bringing to the market–a centralized above-property solution that helps hoteliers to transform their hotels’ IT management.

Delivering Innovative Services to Customers
Amadeus Hotel Platform is built around one comprehensive database that combines central reservation, property management and global distribution systems into one integrated platform. By offering a single and real-time view of the business, the solution enables hoteliers to deliver innovative and new guest services, generate additional revenues and also react quickly to market changes as new trends, behaviors and demands emerge.

Dynamique Hôtels Management (DHM), a hotel chain composed of more than 120 properties, was the first to adopt the full suite of the Amadeus Hotel Platform. DHM completed a successful migration replacing its central reservation system, call center, booking engine and property management system with this centralized platform. This single-source solution allows DHM to centrally manage all of its properties through a unique database, reducing the complexity of the property's IT infrastructure, improving staff productivity and reducing operational costs.

Revolution in Hospitality IT
Amadeus Hotel Platform represents a revolution in hospitality IT and distribution, that enables hoteliers to evolve and adapt to continuous changes in the sector. Based on unique open technology architecture, the solution lets hoteliers concentrate on their business, not the technology. It brings operational improvements at all levels and removes technical barriers to global expansion. And with Amadeus’s proven track record of successful migrations and implementation of mission-critical applications, hotel companies can rely on a best-in-class partner to transform their business. The solution is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which allows hoteliers to change fixed IT costs for variable costs while benefiting from the latest IT developments made on the platform.

Amadeus Hotel Platform Benefits
Amadeus Hotel Platform benefits include:

  • Global operations – The solution minimizes technology requirements, allowing for quick implementation of business strategies across hotels, brands and channels, and therefore increasing operational efficiency.
  • Global expansion – With a centrally hosted solution, new functionality and business processes can be implemented faster. Built with unlimited scalability, new properties can be added as business expands.
  • Focus on the guest – Amadeus removes the challenges of existing technologies by delivering a solution that is designed around a single view of the guest, allowing hoteliers to provide personalized guest services.
  • Brand value – Amadeus’ technology enables broader distribution capabilities, merchandising opportunities and a compelling cost model. Hotel companies that leverage the platform can drive more business to their hotels at a reduced cost.

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