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2012 Spring
Portsmouth, NH

Transform Hotel IT Management with Amadeus
Amadeus is a leading transaction processor and provider of technology solutions for the travel and tourism industry.  With more than 20 years of experience delivering unlimited distribution capabilities, mission-critical and scalable IT solutions to the world’s biggest travel brands, Amadeus is in a unique position to offer hotel companies an advanced suite of IT and distribution solutions. Its comprehensive and scalable portfolio of technology applications includes: CRS, PMS, call center, e-commerce, distribution, content, BI and RMS.

Amadeus Hotel Platform, its flagship solution, is a centralized hotel management solution specifically designed to transform hoteliers’ IT capabilities. Built around one comprehensive database, and available as a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), it combines the central reservation system, above-property management solution, call center, distribution to any channel, e-commerce and business intelligence into one fully integrated platform. It can also interface with Amadeus Revenue Management and any other third-party application.

A Revolution in Hospitality IT
Hotel companies are facing myriad challenges to keep up with the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace. Success in this fast-moving environment requires hotel companies’ ability to quickly act on changing travelers’ behaviors, explore growth opportunities beyond traditional markets and implement brand value across all hotel operations.

Hoteliers have no choice but to keep up with the changes in IT if they want to stay competitive. Amadeus Hotel Platform lets hoteliers concentrate on their businesses rather than the technology. Based on open technology architecture and a centrally hosted solution in one of the largest privately owned data centers in the world, Hotel Platform brings operational improvements at all levels and removes technical barriers to global expansion. And with Amadeus’ proven track record of migration, implementation of mission-critical applications and unrivaled customer service worldwide, hoteliers can rely on a best-in-class partner to transform their businesses.

Innovative Services to Customers
Globalization, more technologically savvy customers and the availability of information are a few examples of new scenarios facing hoteliers. A shift from neatly defined customer segments to a more fragmented set of service spectrums will demand hotels to act in a way that is guest focused, personal and connected. The right technology will be increasingly important in delivering on guest expectations and brand differentiation.

By offering a single and real-time view of the entire business, Amadeus Hotel Platform enables hoteliers to deliver innovative and personalized guest services, generate additional revenues and quickly react to market changes as new customer trends, behaviors and demands emerge.

Amadeus Hotel Platform Business Benefits
Global Operations
The solution minimizes technology requirements, allowing for quick implementation of business strategies across hotels, brands and channels, and therefore increasing operational efficiency.

Global Expansion
With a centrally hosted solution, new functionality and business processes can be implemented faster. Built with unlimited scalability, new properties can be added as business expands.

Focus on the Guest
Amadeus removes the challenges of existing technologies by delivering a solution that is designed around a single view of the guest, allowing hoteliers to provide personalized guest services.

Brand Value
Amadeus’ technology enables broader distribution capabilities, merchandising opportunities and a compelling cost model. Hotel companies that leverage the platform can drive more business to their hotels at a reduced cost.

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