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2006 Fall
Portsmouth, NH

Hotel Revenue Management–Increase Profits Through Better Demand Forecasting and Optimization for Hotel Groups or Single Properties
A pioneer in hotel revenue management since 1991, Amadeus Hospitality delivers an innovative and complete revenue management solution (RMS). Amadeus offers a powerful decision support solution with extensive reporting capabilities, a robust forecasting engine and cluster optimization increasing revenue by at least 4 percent to 8 percent. Its solution delivers a single hotel and multiple property version that is customized to your unique business needs. Amadeus supports any technical architecture–from a traditional client-server licensed installation to a full ASP model.

Best-in-Class Reporting
Amadeus RMS helps hoteliers achieve a greater understanding of their business with over 250 distinct and customizable reports. The system includes an extensive management information system providing detailed performance analysis of individuals, groups and allocations from booking to checkout, with direct data export to any Windows application. Additionally, hoteliers can improve sales and marketing decisions with fully automated reports by segment, rate code, channel, country of origin, room class, yield class and travel agency, while tracking revenues for room, F&B and other revenue departments. Amadeus RMS also enables tracking of guest stay patterns and trends across multiple properties through consolidated data.

Enhanced Forecasting
Amadeus RMS helps hoteliers stay a step ahead of demand and minimize lost revenue opportunities with its market-leading forecast engine and prediction methodology. The forecasting engine is custom-built based on your customers’ unique behaviors, allowing you to have an accurate picture of future demand reforecasted daily for a minimum of 365 days.

Cutting-Edge Optimization
Amadeus RMS helps you capitalize on your hotel rooms’ true worth with dynamic daily recommendations and rules that can be defined for an individual hotel, a subgroup of hotels or for the entire chain based on a number of criteria: sale price threshold, under- or over-booking level by room class or hotel; optimal room sales by rate category; maximum or minimum length of stay; group booking rules; optimal number of rooms to transfer between room categories or hotels. Hoteliers can also leverage the system’s alerts to identify critical days that require extra attention and enable real-time decisions to maximize revenue and profits.

Ground-Breaking Deal Quotation
With Amadeus RMS hoteliers are now able to maximize total revenue and capacity through the system’s capability to quote optimal rates and room categories for specific groups. The system provides a highly accurate displacement analysis, including an assessment of additional revenues such as F&B and banqueting while factoring in-room cost and commissions. It can also recommend the most profitable alternative dates for each group and build the right mix of business on any given day–even in multiple hotels and room categories.

Personalized Services
Amadeus RMS is a fully intuitive solution offering hoteliers comprehensive audits, advice, user training and support from experienced consultants with decades of revenue management experience. Amadeus’ team of experts will develop and implement a customized training plan specific to your hotel’s or chain’s needs and provide on-site training and support to ensure you are maximizing the system’s capabilities.

For more information please visit or contact Amadeus North America at (888) AMADEUS; in Europe at +33 (0) 1 69 47 62 22; in Asia at +65 6779 9440 or at hospitality


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