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2016 Fall
Portsmouth, NH

Amadeus Hospitality Platform
Whether representing a large, global chain; multiple, limited-service properties; or a leading event venue, properties know the industry is facing difficult challenges. Guests and staff live digital-centric lives, and they expect to be able to interact, plan, book and engage whenever, wherever and on whatever device they prefer. Mega mergers, sharing economy alternatives and online startups distract the best customers. Fragmented, decades-old technology not only costs too much to maintain, it can drive a once-loyal guest to write a scathing review.

Slapping a modern interface on brittle infrastructure is not the answer. What the industry needs is a new vision – a platform designed by the community that changes not only what staff, collaborators/partners and guests have available, but also ties the underlying financial model to success. And, since no one can predict what comes next, it must be designed to quickly adapt to real-world conditions.

The Amadeus Hospitality Platform supports modern business models, enhanced guest experiences and novel distribution models. At its heart is an approach that centers around a single view of the guest and an opportunity for customers to tap into core technologies on a consumption basis. Flexible, modular and mobile friendly, it is designed to delight guests, satisfy staff and make it easier for partners to do business with them.

The platform will radically increase efficiency in every aspect of a business, from planning and delivering meetings and events to managing reservations to offering relevant and compelling extra services for each and every guest. But it does more. It allows users to not only redefine what their brand means, but to execute on that vision.

Typical, monolithic hotel applications make users buy everything even though they may only use a small portion of its capabilities, but the modular nature of the Amadeus platform lets hospitality operators and brand managers choose only those pieces of functionality that support each property and brand within its estate. Operators can bundle sets of capabilities based on the service type or specific needs of a given property. This innovative approach is unique to the hospitality industry.

Features include:

  • Central guest profile enables extensive personalizations and intelligent, informed interactions
  • Cloud-native, secure and scalable offerings reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Modular architecture with seamless integration supports business agility
  • Amadeus investment in core technologies enables consumption-based model for hoteliers
  • Integrated, customized training and intuitive interfaces lower labor costs and reduce staff churn
  • Long and successful track record of managing the migration and implementation of complex software applications in more than 190 countries
  • Amadeus solutions handle the most demanding performance requirements (currently managing 39k/transactions per second)

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