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Delaware North Companies Aims For Revenue Management Nirvana with Help from Amadeus Technology
Delaware North Companies’ (DNC) CEO Kevin Kelly and Vice President of Marketing Deb Collins recently discussed their partnership with Amadeus North America to integrate Amadeus Hotel Revenue Management System (RMS) throughout DNC’s unique and historic properties.

Revenue Management Delaware North
Delaware North operates a variety of historic resort properties with unique peaks and valleys in customer occupancy levels. DNC also often operates in government contract pricing environments where it can’t use flexible supply and demand models that would be used by a conventional hotel company.  Amadeus Hotel RMS is helping DNC capture every incremental gain where it can and find where DNC has some pricing flexibility.

Old Style Revenue Management
The channel model is changing for the entire hotel industry and for DNC. It has struggled to adjust its selling strategies to capture as much of the channel revenue as possible, but lacked the appropriate systems to do so.
Amadeus gives DNC visibility into channel productivity and helps ensure that rooms are filled with the highest revenue producing customers during peak periods. Amadeus also allows data use to redirect sales and marketing efforts to lower occupancy periods.  Yosemite was the first property online with Amadeus and historically has relied on selling RAC rates for six months out of the year as a revenue management approach. But Amadeus has opened to the possibilities of using marketing programs to enhance its occupancy levels during off-peak times. Even with Yosemite, where it runs close to 100 percent occupancy throughout much of the year, DNC feels it can improve the yield on that 100 percent with Amadeus.

Role of Amadeus Hotel RMS with DNC

  • Amadeus wanted to leverage the Amadeus Hotel RMS to not only collect and analyze historical revenue data, but to ingrain Amadeus’ revenue management philosophy in the corporate culture.
  • Decisions traditionally have been made specific to each property by a local revenue manager, but those decisions can have a serious impact on RevPAR and revenue per guest across DNC.
  • Amadeus brings a culture of training to the human element to understand the technology and how to effectively use it to make more informed data-driven decisions.

Amadeus RMS Drives DNC’s Business Goals
DNC is using Amadeus to add credibility to its revenue forecasting and understand where the upside is in the revenue data.  DNC is now able to find the untapped revenue potential for each property and optimize inventory through Amadeus Hotel RMS and its centralized PAR Springer-Miller PMS.

Operationally, DNC is leveraging Amadeus to identify and establish operational standards and guidelines that each property uses to report on revenue data. It also will help the company bridge the gap between sales and marketing and operations and how these two ends of the business drive the company’s growth.

Revenue Management Nirvana
For DNC, nirvana is to have all properties playing from the same revenue management playbook, but with a keen understanding of each property’s unique situations.

For more information about Amadeus please visit or call (888) AMADEUS.

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