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2008 Spring
Portsmouth, NH

The hotel industry is facing unprecedented levels of change and is under great pressure to respond.  A key factor that can impact the efforts of hoteliers to meet these challenges is the technology they use.  In 2008 Amadeus will unveil its new search, reservation and distribution platform, one of the biggest breakthroughs in hotel technology systems for a generation. In preparation for this exciting launch and to ensure that its technology development continues to be in line with what the industry wants, Amadeus commissioned a major report entitled, “A Blueprint for the Future of the Hospitality Industry.” Amadeus interviewed industry leaders from major hotel chains, as well as consultants and academics, asking them what the future holds and how all can work together to meet the challenges.

This year, Amadeus will reach a major milestone in its pledge to the global hospitality industry with the launch of its new search, distribution and reservation platform. This new system enables convergence between global distribution and key hotel functions including CRS, RMS and PMS. High levels of integration between hotel systems ensure there is a greater ability to provide better customer service and increase profitability.  This level of integration will provide hotels with a single, detailed and up-to-date view of their data, enabling streamlined operations, optimized profits and new opportunities to sell on a global scale. The first step on the path was taken in 2007 with Amadeus’ migration of 75,000 hotel properties onto an open systems distribution technology platform. 

Amadeus’ global trends research gives an insight into how technology can be deployed to help hotels meet the key challenges of the future. The key trends identified by the report were globalization, a new type of customer and new technologies.

The report suggests that globalization and rapidly developing economies like China, Russia and India offer great opportunities, but need to be viewed as individual countries. Hotels will need to supply consistent service and localized content in a global environment, while adapting to support customers with different cultural backgrounds. 

A New Type of Customer
A new breed of traveler has been educated by the Internet and experiences within other industries to expect high levels of personalized attention. To fully service this new savvier consumer, the hotel industry will have to increase its guest interaction through multiple touch points, offering a complete online experience and personalizing the contact they have with their customer base.

The Importance of Technology
Technological integration was identified as a top technology priority by many of the survey respondents.  Another theme was the growing importance of the need for hotels to be able to respond to the miniaturization of technology, particularly mobile devices. It is anticipated that in the future, the technology platforms used by hospitality companies must support devices ranging from phones to faxes to PCs to PDAs to mobile phones.

Solution to Change
It is apparent that customers are changing, technology is changing, and markets are changing. This is a period of unparalleled opportunity, and Amadeus remains committed to understanding what travelers need and demand, both now and into the future.

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