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2010 Summer
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Invent the Future – the New Normal for Hotels in 2010 and Beyond
During your next hotel stay, take your mobile phone out of your pocket. Then try to remember the last time you made a call using the hotel room’s phone on the nightstand.

It’s one of the simplest examples of technology’s impact on the global hotel business.

Now, think about any one of the mission-critical areas of hotel operations – reservations, inventory, marketing, revenue management, etc. These are areas where technology innovation and evolving customer preferences have challenged existing IT infrastructures just to keep up, let alone keep delivering positive ROI.
Today’s hospitality industry confronts a hyper-dynamic business driven by technology and travel trends that are changing the game.  A new white paper from Amadeus, a leading travel technology provider, titled “Invent the Future – the New Normal for Hotels in 2010 and Beyond,” explores the trends and drivers head on. Download it at

The Amadeus report examines key areas – guest relationships, globalization, brand value and performance agility – that continue challenging hoteliers. Cutthroat competition between hotel brands, increasingly savvy customers, opportunities in emerging markets and a historic worldwide recession have marked the first decade of the global hotel business in the 21st century, and they combined to transform the industry in ways that significantly impact IT infrastructure.

First, to compete and develop loyalty, especially as recession hobbled business travel, hotel brands have endeavored to forge lasting guest relationships. Simultaneously, tech-savvy guests – armed with online peer reviews – have demanded more booking options, property descriptions, in-room entertainment, etc. Disparate legacy IT systems often hampered fulfillment of rising guest expectations.

Second, as emerging markets such as the Middle East presented growth opportunities, global hotel brands found IT systems over-taxed. Globalization has required confronting regional sensitivities to gender, religion and other issues, as well as new business processes, such as reservations, guarantees and payment.
Third, unlocking full brand value has demanded maximum efficiency with sales and marketing, operations and information management. Online customer-facing sites and property management, point of sale, accounting and other systems have become essential profit generation tools.

Finally, hoteliers have had to move fast. Connecting with customers, exceeding their expectations and capitalizing on brand differentiation opportunities will continue to depend on IT systems working together enterprisewide, at all levels. Reservations systems, Web-based distribution, revenue management and loyalty programs are only some of the areas where hotel IT has been asked to accommodate new, more complex and higher volume activity than ever before.
The trends of the last decade have completely transformed the industry, thrusting global hotel brands into a new normal that demands agility, creativity and, most importantly, a laser focus on functional, integrated and reliable IT.

At HITEC 2010, Amadeus will host a Technology Industry Forum (June 21, 1:00 p.m.) to further examine the trends and the IT solutions hoteliers are embracing to stay ahead of them.  Moderated by hospitality consultant John Burns, and featuring a panel of hotel and technology experts, this industry roundtable will dive deeper into the role of IT in today’s hotel business environment, and explore how leading global hotel brands are leveraging IT to invent their futures.

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