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2010 Fall
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Technology and Tomorrow’s Hotel
Hoteliers feel constant pressure to keep pace with customer expectations, which increasingly revolve around technology.

Whether it’s the latest flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and gaming consoles in the room, automated travel kiosks in the lobby, or sophisticated Web and mobile tools online, tomorrow’s hotel will integrate technology into every stage of a guest’s experience like never before. Let’s take a look.

What’s Tomorrow’s Hotel All About?
Tomorrow’s hotel will leverage technology to give guests more choice, independence and better service. One example: hotels may soon send frequent guests their room key in advance – perhaps via unique QR code to the traveler’s smartphone or iPad. After a long flight, grateful road warriors will bypass the front desk and head straight to their rooms. They don’t need or want a welcome, just efficient service.

Technology also will allow tomorrow’s hotel to better anticipate guests’ needs. Knowing, for example, that a frequent guest typically orders a newly released movie when staying at the hotel lets savvy hoteliers offer a selection of the latest cinema releases to pre-order at the booking stage. Technology turns in-room amenities from a peripheral service to a selling point.

CRM-powered personalization also permits hotels to better mix pleasure with business. The target audience for hotel luxury services, such as spa treatments, today has far less to do with a person’s net worth and more to do with the idea of affordable pleasure for anyone (even if only served in small portions). By knowing the customer’s hobbies or spending habits, a hotel can offer suitable test-drive luxuries to their guests, whether in the form of short spa visits, tasting menus or the option to upgrade to a larger room for one night of their stay. Crunching personal data creates upsell opportunities for additional hotel services – and delivers a better experience.

Monitoring brand activity on social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, creates opportunities to offer unanticipated, but highly appreciated, perks to guests before they arrive, or to fix problems before they become major customer service issues. These activities provide additional personal data that hotels can use in the delivery of world-class guest experiences.  It’s the difference between welcoming back a returning guest with a generic greeting, or welcoming her back with relevant services, such as a complimentary bottle of her favorite wine chilling in the room’s minibar.

Fulfilling the guest experience promise of tomorrow’s hotel requires full integration of all hotel IT systems, from the CRM to PMS, at a highly granular level. Tomorrow’s hotel IT will recognize – and more importantly, understand – booking patterns, rates and guest preferences, and use the data to create tailored guest business plans, offer better services and market properties more effectively.

Don’t Wait for the Future to Make It Happen
As with all technological advances, tomorrow’s hotel will become reality through intelligent intuition and integration. It’s not about artificial intelligence or cyborgs at the front desk. It’s about service that meets needs through channels that guests prefer to use – whether it’s face-to-face, via an iPhone application or through a Facebook message.
Amadeus is making tomorrow’s hotel a reality everyday through technology innovations that mean better business for hoteliers. Learn more at

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