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Vendor Updates

Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.

2007 Spring
Pittsburgh, PA

48-Property Sage Hospitality Installs Targetvue®, Execuvue® to Satisfy Owners, Associates and Guests as Portfolio Grows
With 48 properties in its portfolio, Sage Hospitality Resources installed Execuvue and Targetvue to deliver solid profitability to its owners, personalized service to guests, and professional support to its associates.

“Sage is unique because instead of choosing which of its stakeholders to satisfy first–owners, guests or associates–it is successfully fulfilling the requirements of all three simultaneously,” said Courteney Parker, senior vice president, financial services for Sage Hospitality Resources.  “We partnered with Aptech and designed our entire corporate technology infrastructure, hospitality accounting software and hotel management software to accomplish this task.”  

Previously Sage used a number of separate systems and manually entered data into a corporate macro-based version of Excel.   Sage installed Aptech’s Execuvue Cognos-based business intelligence system to house and organize the combined operating data from its properties and make it readily accessible to managers. 

“We used to spend most of our time reviewing and entering data from separate systems.  Now we utilize an enterprise business intelligence software system and our focus is on analyzing our property information for better decisions,” said Parker. 

Sage also uses Aptech’s Targetvue budgeting and forecasting tool in concert with Execuvue to automate what-if analysis and create advanced flexible reports for owners and managers.  “Both applications are Cognos-based.  We chose to work with Aptech and install its tools because Aptech’s team knows the hospitality business and how to apply the right technology,” Parker said.
Execuvue is an Internet-enabled enterprise business intelligence application for large and small hotel companies that coordinates data from various corporate systems, including Smith Travel Research, into accessible information with familiar Windows simplicity.  Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Extended Stay Hotels, Concord Hospitality, Innkeepers Hospitality, Ashford Hospitality Trust, Peabody Hotel Group, Sandals Resorts, Hershey Entertainment and many other successful companies use Aptech’s Execuvue business intelligence, Profitvue® and Webvue® accounting systems and Targetvue enterprise planning.

Targetvue, the newest component of Aptech’s Performance Management suite, gives operators the ability to create a report card on management effectiveness, build flexible operating budgets, and set goals for various aspects of their enterprise. 

Profitvue, is a widely used thin-client, Web-enabled hospitality back office solution that easily handles single or multiproperty and multicompany accounting, and incorporates accounts payable, general ledger, budgeting, forecasting and financials.  Profitvue gives users open database compliance (ODBC) within a scalable, client/server, open systems architecture.  Profitvue is available as an ASP service or on a licensed basis.

Webvue is an extension of Profitvue that supports property accounting and reporting via the Internet.  Designed for limited service hotels, Webvue enables properties to quickly and easily send and access financial and statistical data and generate reports through its Internet or intranet site.  Hotels can have real-time access to financials at any time, from any location. Webvue is fully secure and centrally controlled and can expand to handle multiple property sites.

With over 750 installations, Aptech recognizes that professionals in the hospitality industry each view accounting differently.  The company delivers customized, Web-enabled solutions that can fit any requirement, including distributed accounting, centralized accounting, regional accounting or any combination needed to meet a company’s unique operation. 

For over 35 years Aptech has led the hospitality market in leveraging change by valuing human relationships and applying technology to solve business problems for people.  All of its applications are supported seven days a week and 24 hours each day by experienced hotel industry professionals.

For more information about Aptech and its products, please contact Cam Troutman at (800) 245-0720 or email vueinfo@aptech-inc.com.

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