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Vendor Updates

Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.

2010 Spring
Pittsburgh, PA

Hotel Operators Tap Aptech for Effective Profitability Strategies 
Business intelligence (BI) and centralized accounting platforms help hotel companies increase profitability by saving money and enabling them to operate more efficiently in the current economy.  Controlling labor expenses, tightening payables, and going paperless are three examples of how hotel companies are using Aptech solutions to be more profitable.

Reduce Labor Costs
Top hotel companies use Aptech’s Execuvue® BI to reduce payroll costs through 30 percent less overtime and a $6 reduction in daily costs per room sold.  With Execuvue integrated into a payroll system, operators identify inappropriate labor costs and schedule more efficient staffing.  Reduced expenses go straight to the bottom line and accurate information enables operators to staff economically.

“We integrated Aptech’s Profitvue® and Webvue® accounting applications with a document management system to refine our A/P process,” said Brian Cornell, vice president of information technology for Concord Hospitality Enterprises.  “At properties where hundreds of invoices are entered weekly, the benefits include reduced staff costs and a team focus on guest service and profitability instead of paperwork.”  By also implementing an automated clearing house strategy with electronic vendor payments through an automated back office solution, a hotel company saves money on paper and postage, and keeps its cash in interest-bearing accounts longer.

Saving Paper is Just the Beginning
Paperless payment processes make a company greener, but that is only one benefit.  Rather than mailing checks that could sit on vendors’ desks waiting to be cashed, operators use Profitvue accounting to release money electronically on the due date.  For many companies this means holding thousands of dollars longer so the cash earns interest that hits the bottom line.

Execuvue is a Web-based enterprise business intelligence application for large and small hotel companies that coordinates data from various corporate systems, including Smith Travel Research, into accessible information with familiar browser simplicity.  Extended Stay Hotels, Innkeepers Hospitality, Ashford Hospitality Trust, Peabody Hotel Group, and many other successful companies use Aptech’s Execuvue Business Intelligence, Profitvue and Webvue accounting systems.

Profitvue is a widely used thin-client, Internet-enabled hospitality back office solution that easily handles single or multiproperty and multicompany accounting, and incorporates accounts payable, general ledger, statistics and financials.  Profitvue gives users open database compliance (ODBC) within a scalable, client/server, open systems architecture.  Profitvue is available as an ASP service or on a licensed basis.

Webvue is an extension of Profitvue that supports property accounting and reporting via the Internet.  Designed for limited-service hotels, Webvue enables properties to quickly and easily send and access financial and statistical data and generate reports through its Internet or intranet site.  Hotels can have real-time access to financials at any time, from any location. Webvue is fully secure and centrally controlled and can expand to handle multiple property sites.

With more than 2,500 properties, Aptech recognizes that professionals in the hospitality industry each view accounting differently.  The company delivers customized, Web-enabled solutions that can fit any operating requirement, including distributed accounting, centralized accounting, regional accounting or any combination needed to meet a company’s unique operation. 

For over 40 years Aptech has led the hospitality market in leveraging change by valuing human relationships and applying technology to solve business problems for people.  All of its applications are supported seven days a week and 24 hours each day by experienced hotel industry professionals.

For more information about Aptech and its products, please contact Cam Troutman at (800) 245-0720 or e-mail vueinfo@aptech-inc.com.   

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