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Vendor Updates

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

2020 Fall
Richardson, TX

While no one could have predicted the recent events that have engulfed the global hospitality market throughout much of 2020, what was more certain and serves as a source of pride for many is the industry’s resourcefulness and ability to come together to create solutions that can lead to a faster and stronger recovery. Within the field of technology security, we have expanded our mission beyond providing for the physical protection of hotel guests and staff by re-evaluating how our solutions can simultaneously minimize potential health risks. From the beginning of the guest journey up until its end, security access technology offers an ideal opportunity to create environments that can meet stricter expectations for a germ-free hotel. 

This ability was first demonstrated with the continuing adoption of digital key and check-in technologies. Already experiencing widespread implementation across the industry due to their original purpose – enhancing guest convenience – such solutions quickly became central to enhanced hotel cleanliness efforts with the rise of the pandemic. They've since been further identified as an essential method of preventing virus exposure. Digital key technology lets guests check in without having to come into close contact with others at the front desk. It limits contact with shared surfaces by letting guests use personal devices as a guestroom key. It's also increasingly being used to provide guests with safer, more hygienic access to other hotel areas. This includes access to building entrances, parking garages, elevators or gyms to ensure that guests can minimize risks during any point of their hotel stay.

To address the diverse needs of hoteliers and guests alike in combatting health concerns, security industry professionals have also combined their expertise to make new solutions available that can further reduce the spread of germs. Copper alloy-based door handles have been found to significantly reduce the survival time for viruses and bacteria. They now provide an additional safety option for many properties. Other solutions have also been created that allow guests and staff to open or close common doors found throughout a property completely hands-free. Hoteliers can further make use of cloud-based access management systems to control security operations without having to be physically present at a specific location, providing the opportunity to maintain effective operations despite employee shortages and reducing the need for staff to be in close physical contact.

Leveraging the experiences of each industry professional, we will continue to identify new ways of ensuring that guests can once again obtain the peace of mind that they seek when traveling and of placing hospitality on the path toward regaining their business and trust.  

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