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Vendor Updates


2020 Spring
Miramar Beach, FL

Guests want to reserve recreational amenities the way they reserve their room: simply, quickly and immediately. Beachy’s amenity booking solution integrates flawlessly with the user’s existing online booking options allowing guests to easily reserve and pay for amenities like beach and pool chairs, cabanas and jet skis. This can take their stay from expected to exceptional. The Beachy Attendant App gets guests to their prereserved seat quickly and efficiently. Once on property, guests want to be served quickly and attentively, where they are: lounging by the pool or taking in the ocean view. Beachy’s food and beverage app integrates with the Beachy attendant app so servers know precisely where each guest is seated to speed service and increase check averages. It also integrates with major POS systems to give fast, paperless and truly reliable mobile food and beverage service. The Beachy management suite keeps the management team on top of equipment inventory, sales trends and employee performance. The proof is in the stats. Beachy customers regularly experience an up to 40% increase in F&B revenue, an up to 50% decrease in ticket times. Attendants and servers report up to 35% increase in tips once Beachy is deployed.

Create a Better Guest Experience

  • Allow guests to book beach chairs, cabanas, jet skis and other amenities in advance to ensure that they enjoy everything the property has to offer.
  • Efficiently manage walk-up customers. Reduce wait times giving guests more time to relax and take advantage of the pool and beachside food and beverage offerings.
  • Give the guests the flexibility to easily pay for their recreational bookings and food and beverage selections in whatever way they choose; card, cash or room charge.

Increase revenue

  • Improve speed of service and Increase check averages, boosting revenue for the user and tips for the servers.
  • Offer the best guests promo codes and targeted upsell opportunities to keep them on property and spending.
  • Keep tabs on equipment and reduce over-purchasing through inventory tracking.

Improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce wait times and eliminate double bookings.
  • Give managers real-time visibility into sales from any location, allowing them to add or relocate servers based on current conditions.
  • Save time and hassle by centralizing the online amenity bookings, walk-ups, reporting and payment card processing.
  • Analyze business operations quickly and through accurate in-app reporting and simple data export features.


Beachy Online Booking Engine
The Beachy online booking engine is a web-based, guest-facing amenity reservation system.

  • Enable guests to reserve the most sought after beach and poolside amenities like beach chairs, cabanas and jet skis in advance of their visit.
  • Allow guests to book on any device with the mobile-optimized experience.
  • Get up and running quickly with turnkey implementation.
  • Customize the experience with stand-alone or embedded options.


Beachy Attendant App
The Beachy attendant app is a mobile solution for beach and pool attendants to manage recreational amenity walk-ups and beach transactions.

  • Complete transactions on the sand or deck with the built-in point of sale and payment card processing functionality.
  • Leverage the power of iOS to give users the flexibility to use iPads and iPhones and avoid connectivity issues by leveraging both Wi-Fi and cellular data.
  • Accept cash, card and room charge payments.
  • Manage inventory in real time and avoid double bookings.
  • Dynamically view the custom beach or pool layouts.
  • Go paperless and eliminate the waste of manual systems.

Beachy Food and Beverage App
Integrates directly into all major point of sale systems to offer a lightning fast, paperless and truly reliable solution to the challenges of mobile food and beverage service.

  • Complete transactions anywhere the guests are.
  • Keep the beach and pool servers aware of menu changes in real time.
  • Accept cash, card and room charge payments just as you do for restaurants and in room orders.
  • Tie food and beverage orders to a custom mapped layout, updated in real-time, speeding service and improving the guest experience.
  • Modernize service and reduce waste with paperless authorizations and receipts.
  • View open and closed ticket data as orders are placed and updated.
  • Create and customize the menu with options to define categories, modifiers, groupings and more.
  • Integrate with beach and pool products to share destination layouts and booking information.

Beachy Management Suite
Beachy Management Suite offers real-time data and reporting.

  • Up-to-date reporting gives users visibility like never before, including an at-a-glance calendar bookings view.
  • See top performers with sales-by-employee reporting.
  • View layouts for previous days as well as planned layouts for future dates.
  • Filter and export data in PDF or CSV formats.
  • Change product inventory, prices and schedules on the fly with easy-to-use tools.

For more information on Beachy, please visit beachyapp.com.

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