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Vendor Updates

Bella the Virtual Hotel Agent

2022 Summer
Santa Fe , NM

Travel Outlook is an industry-leading off-site central reservations office (CRO) service that can function as either a primary or overflow reservations department for hotels of all sizes. Focused on optimizing voice channel revenue and improving guest satisfaction, the company uses a customized CRM to make follow-up reservations sales calls and directly connect voice reservations with the hotel’s own marketing CRM.

Travel Outlook designs the right approach for each hotel’s unique needs. Since the company is paid only when answering calls, fees are a variable expense, providing an ideal way for hotels to reduce fixed labor expenses and expand their reservations departments easily and cost-effectively.

Earlier this year, Travel Outlook introduced BellaTM, the first AI-powered voice bot for hotels that can answer calls typically fielded by the front desk. Bella is designed using a breakthrough approach to natural language understanding programming, with human conversations as its foundation. Using social media, chat forums and movie dialogue, Bella learns from billions of casual conversations to understand human inflections and multiturn queries. As a result, she understands callers in any language, no matter what they say or how they speak.

Studies show that up to 60 percent of front desk call volume consists of frequently asked questions that are unique to each property. Bella can handle those calls, reducing the hotel’s fixed labor costs and freeing staff to focus on higher-level tasks.

Additionally, Bella can replace the hotel’s prerecorded messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answer points. For example, rather than hearing, “Press ‘1’ for reservations,” potential guests will hear a pleasant and personalized voice that says, “Thank you for calling XYZ Hotel. How may I help?” Bella then answers many of the questions that callers frequently ask, always offering a transfer-to-agent option for callers who need more assistance.

Highly Personalized: Bella can answer more than 100 frequently asked questions that are chosen by the hotel. Her warm and friendly AI-powered voice assistance creates an appealing on-brand experience for valued guests. Hotels can further personalize Bella by using their own voice talent.

Best-in-class Engagement: Bella understands guest requests, even when spoken in narrative formats or long sentences. Callers can interrupt, digress and change topics, all without having to begin conversations from scratch. Bella’s propriety technology also allows her to adapt to the phone-specific challenges of background noise and call quality.

Unrivaled Flexibility: Bella can route calls to internal departments, transfer calls to requested extensions and send follow-up texts to hotel guests. Later this year, Bella also will be able to connect to front desk and restaurant booking systems.

In addition to Bella, Travel Outlook offers these hospitality solutions:

  • ExpressRez, a simplified voice reservations service for small inns and bed-and- breakfast properties.
  • Targeted Incentive ManagementTM, an incentive program that focuses the Travel Outlook team on the hotel’s specific revenue needs.
  • Guest Lead SeekerTM, an innovative customer relationship management tool that increases transient revenue by auto-capturing caller information and generating sales leads.
  • Travel Outlook has created a Bella Savings Tool to help hotels estimate the labor cost savings Bella can achieve. For more information, visit www.traveloutlook.com/bella.

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