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Vendor Updates

Blueprint RF

2011 Spring
Norcross, GA

Blueprint RF provides network solutions tailored to the unique needs of hospitality.  Its networks are designed to provide guest and back office connectivity, and further extends the network’s reach to tap directly into major energy-consuming building appliances to capture and record energy use data – energy monitoring.  In addition, the company produces vector-based software designed to simulate hotel operations and model energy use scenarios.  Virtual models are then compared to recorded energy use.

The company views a hotel’s core data network as its central nervous system – capable of impacting guest satisfaction, controlling energy use, and providing deep and meaningful business, building  intelligence products and services for hotel asset, IT and facility managers.

Network Platform
At the network core, the company introduces a newly designed property controller, Dominion, in conjunction with turn-key network services, including design, installation and 24/7/365 network support services.  Dominion delivers a comprehensive list of network management features including:

  • Multiple circuit aggregation and load balancing – up to 300 mbps
  • Gateway functionality for guest access and authentication
  • Policy-based packet shaping and Internet traffic prioritization (by traffic type)
  • Cloud-hosted dashboard for network activity monitoring (including: call ticket details, user number, sessions length, network health monitoring, individual and aggregate circuit utilization, categorized Internet traffic reporting and energy monitoring)

Behind Dominion, the Blueprint RF sells, installs and supports quality wired and wireless network equipment from Cisco, Ruckus Wireless and Motorola.

Energy Platform
New advances in building energy management leverage the core IP network backbone to deliver energy monitoring and management.  Led by Cisco, traditional IP switches and wireless access points are able to bi-directionally communicate with all major facility systems, including HVAC, lighting, boilers, pumps, elevators and laundry.  Access is provided through use of a newly unveiled Cisco device, Cisco Building Mediator. 

The Cisco Building Mediator is a router-like device that economically connects all major building appliances, allowing disparate IP based systems’ operating languages to communicate and collaborate through translated protocols.  Translated appliance data traffic is then captured and organized, via Dominion, and ported to the cloud for archive and retrieval (energy dashboard).

Once in the cloud, the hotel energy consumption information is compared to custom designed, virtual hotel building models, which are created using Autodesks’s Revit and SmartBIM’s library of virtual building objects.  The building characteristics are recreated focusing on the envelope, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems – according to original building design documents.  Differences in modeled design and actual use scenarios provide insight into energy savings opportunities.  The models also provide what-if scenarios for facility managers to assess the impact of changes to hotel operations and value of equipment additions or replacements.

Blueprint RF installs and manages the Cisco Building Mediator and Dominion platform for energy monitoring and management.  The company also installs IP-addressable equipment to supplement energy readings where existing systems lack addressable points.  These systems are ideal for intermediate-sized hotels’ energy platform – where building models can be reused and compared for more accurate results.

For more information, call (866) 931-9722, e-mail sales@blueprintrf.com or visit www.blueprintrf.com.

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