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2020 Spring
Irvine, CA

California-based CallTek provides white label technology support to more than 12,000 hotels for the industry’s largest brands and leading system integrators, managed service providers, technology companies and internet service providers. CallTek’s 24/7 contact centers, based in the Philippines, offer the highest level of technical support for hotel core infrastructure and in-room technologies including system networks, NOC, IoT, call center technology and field service.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began to circle the globe, Tony Espinoza, CEO of CallTek, knew he had a short window of time to take action to prevent any disruption to his employees, customers, hotels and guests. With millions of customers and travelers counting on the services of CallTek expert technicians, Espinoza knew that CallTek’s services were essential to keeping the worldwide economy fl owing and people in touch with their loved ones. Before the pandemic hit American shores and governments imposed lockdowns, CallTek proactively had the staff nurse take temperatures of employees as they entered the office.

Soon thereafter, CallTek enacted its business contingency plan as the Philippine government began to limit movement among its population to slow the spread of the virus. Espinoza petitioned the government to list CallTek and its workers as essential to worldwide business so they could continue working as the pandemic spread. He received authorization and documentation for the more than 600 employees in Cebu and General Santos.

While the government would allow CallTek to operate, many employees were unable to leave home since they cared for family members who had to shelter in place. Employees with internet of 1MB or greater were issued laptops to work from home. Concerned about the health of employees who had to travel to an offices, Espinoza rented hotel rooms for approximately 20% of his staff. The remaining employees who continued to work in the offi ces received door-to-door private transportation so they could maintain a safe distance according to WHO and CDC regulations.

As the daily operations were changing, CallTek remained in constant contact with all of its customers so they would know what was happening with their business and the CallTek colleagues they work closely with every day. Once all of the employees where working during the shelter-in-place orders, CallTek went a step further. The company developed a remote workforce management system to ensure that its teams were continuing to deliver a rich customer experience from wherever the technicians were working.

With fewer requests from travelers, the technicians' downtime was filled with online training and professional development. These efforts have allowed the call center services to remain open 24/7 and full capacity throughout the crisis, even as others had to shut down their operations or catch up to get employees working from home. “All technology vendors should be considered an essential service and lifeline for business and communication no matter what industry they specialize in.

This pandemic has proven that our expertise is needed to keep business and communication fl owing in times of crisis.
Innovation must continue to develop products and contingency plans that help our communities when they need us the most," Espinoza said.

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