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2012 Summer
Henderson, NV

Hospitality-specific Database Marketing Solutions
Clairvoyix has been delivering Web browser-accessed guest marketing systems since 2003, and it continues to evolve its database marketing platform, the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory.  

Delivering on the promise of targeted marketing, the Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution allows for very sophisticated segmentation of past guests based on a variety of criteria spanning all properties in the portfolio.  Queries, list pulls, reporting and cross-media campaign fulfillment are client driven or performed as a service.  Queries allow for segmentation by spend across all revenue buckets (room, F&B, golf, spa, retail, fine dining, etc.), average length of stay, frequency of visits, how recent, package booked, room type, presence of children, check-in/out day of week, geography, response to previous campaigns and other areas.

The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution includes:

  • Past guest data hygiene (mailing address, email address,  mobile phone number)
  • Past guest data enhancement including household level demographic data, geo-coding (e.g., DMA, MSA, etc.) and cluster coding/profiling
  • Natural language query engine
  • Standard reports and graphs
  • Integration with mobile, direct mail and email campaign systems
  • Campaign manager with actual spend ROI

The Clairvoyix system measures campaign ROI based on actual spend, not just opens and click-through data.  Every email campaign is also evaluated to determine the most popular links in order to continually improve the quality of the creative component.  

Clairvoyix’s passive loyalty approach to marketing promotions is designed so that every high-value guest is identified and recognized for his or her contribution to the success of Clairvoyix’s clients, and not just for their willingness to carry a traditional loyalty card.   

The Clairvoyix marketing database integrates with all significant customer touch points such as PMS, POS, spa, golf, survey and prospect data, and will also import a simple spreadsheet of contact information.  Supporting true cross-media targeted marketing allows for detailed knowledge of how a guest prefers to communicate with a property or hotel/resort organization. 

The Clairvoyix approach to mobile marketing and mobile solutions is based on short-term ROI.  The measurement of all campaigns, including mobile campaigns, is supported so that clients can determine the most effective messaging and the most effective channel. 
The Clairvoyix digital agency complements its marketing database technology by providing:
  • Cross-media campaign strategy. 
  • Full media specific creative including email, direct mail, mobile and website/landing pages.
  • Template approach to e-newsletters and promotional messaging.
  • Guest survey design, delivery and capture.
The Clairvoyix platform is a no development hospitality CRM application, and this eliminates the need for custom software development.   Housed in a highly secure facility, the Clairvoyix solution is based on an Oracle back-end database and a Microsoft .NET development platform, thereby meeting some of the most stringent user IT requirements for stability, security and performance.

Clairvoyix’s ability to scale up and down is important when delivering a packaged approach to hospitality-specific database marketing systems, and it has clients with fewer than 100,000 past guests in their databases to clients with well over 25 million unique and profiled guests.  This assures applicability with the largest chains down to the smallest independent hotel. 

For more information call (877) 866-8693 or visit

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