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2014 Summer
Henderson, NV

Clairvoyix – Its Robust Transactional Data Meets the Online World 
Clairvoyix has been delivering Internet-deployed, Web browser-accessed guest marketing systems since 2003, and it continues to evolve its Big Data database marketing platform, the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory.  

Clairvoyix continues to improve its database marketing platform through an innovation strategy that ensures its clients are maximizing the ROI on their marketing technology investments. A quantum leap in marketing campaign effectiveness is being announced through a recent integration with a leading consumer data company that has solved the problem of matching transactional (e.g., stay) data to the online world. What does this mean for hospitality marketers?
When Transactions Meet Online Data and They Both Meet Consumer Propensity Data
Imagine a marketing world where the behavior of a past guest is matched to online behavior, that for example would be indicative of a person planning a vacation. Knowing their preferences, say for an ocean front suite in the Caribbean, allows a marketer the ability to target the consumer with messaging (including offers) that is personalized and relevant to the current search. This is a true data-driven approach to targeted marketing that has not previously been available to hospitality marketers. Working with a leading consumer data company, Clairvoyix is announcing the ability to leverage its wealth of guest past stay and related information to drive the highest possible ROI on its client’s direct marketing investments. Furthermore, it is now possible to apply propensity models to further determine the likelihood that a given consumer will respond to an offer. The team at Clairvoyix has always believed that the science of direct marketing complements the strategy and creative, and with this new integrated solution, the science just got a whole lot better, to the benefit of Clairvoyix’s hospitality clients.    

Hospitality-specific Database Marketing and Marketing Services Solutions
The Clairvoyix marketing database integrates with all significant customer touch points such as PMS, POS, spa, golf, survey and prospect data, and will also import a simple spreadsheet of contact information. Supporting true cross-media targeted marketing allows for detailed knowledge of how a guest prefers to communicate with a property or hotel/resort organization. 

The Clairvoyix agency model complements its leading marketing technology platform by providing:
  • Cross-media campaign strategy 
  • Full media-specific creative including email, direct mail, mobile and website/landing pages
  • Template approach to e-newsletters and promotional messaging
  • Guest survey design, delivery and capture

The Clairvoyix platform is a no development hospitality CRM application that eliminates the need for custom software development. Housed in a highly secure facility, the Clairvoyix solution is based on an Oracle back-end database and a Microsoft .NET development platform, thereby meeting the most stringent user IT requirements for stability, security and performance.

Clairvoyix’s ability to scale up and down is important when delivering a packaged approach to hospitality-specific database marketing systems. It has clients with fewer than 100,000 past guests in their databases to clients with well over 30 million unique profiled guests. This assures applicability with all clients – from the largest chains down to the smallest independent hotel. 

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