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2014 Fall
Henderson, NV

Clairvoyix – Support for the Timeshare Industry Plus Real ROI with Facebook Campaigns  
Clairvoyix has been delivering Web-browser accessed software-as-a-service guest marketing systems since 2003, and it continues to evolve its Big Data database marketing platform, the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory.
Clairvoyix continues to improve its travel and leisure database marketing platform through an innovation strategy that ensures its clients are maximizing the ROI on their marketing technology investments. Two recent Clairvoyix innovations address the fact that that many of its hotel and resort clients have a timeshare component to their property portfolios, and a significant number want to engage in social media marketing, but only if there is quantifiable campaign ROI. 
Maximizing Value per Guest in the Vacation Ownership Market
Hospitality organizations that offer both traditional rooms as well as vacation ownership know that one of the best sources of leads for their timeshare business is their hotel/resort past guest database. The Clairvoyix marketing database has been enhanced to support all of the important timeshare marketing data that marketers require when communicating with both prospects and owners.
Interfacing with property management systems and timeshare operational systems ensures that the maximum value of each and every guest is maximized, whether from the hotel guest or the owner of a vacation ownership property.
Timeshare acquisition marketing is enhanced by Clairvoyix’s partnerships with all the major consumer data companies, and its workflows ensure that this valuable source of data is leveraged efficiently and affordably.
The Clairvoyix Timeshare marketing system will also help marketers with the regulatory requirements of telemarketing and email marketing.

Finally – Real ROI for Targeted Social Media Campaigns
Clairvoyix has made social media marketing as easy and as measurable as the email campaigns its clients are familiar with. Through a strategic partnership, Clairvoyix can match past guests to actual Facebook users, thereby delivering targeted messages to the right people at the right time, at the lowest possible cost. And because Clairvoyix knows who is getting email, Facebook, and both forms of communication, it can accurately determine the promotion conversion and spend. 

Hospitality-specific Database Marketing and Marketing Services Solutions
The Clairvoyix marketing database integrates with all significant customer touch points such as PMS, POS, player tracking, spa, golf, survey and prospect data, and will also import a simple spreadsheet of contact information. Supporting true cross-media targeted marketing allows for detailed knowledge of how a guest prefers to communicate with a property or hotel/resort/gaming organization. 

The Clairvoyix agency model complements its leading marketing technology platform by providing:

  • Cross-media campaign strategy
  • Full media-specific creative including email, direct mail, mobile, website/landing pages
  • Template approach to e-newsletters and promotional messaging
  • Guest survey design, delivery and capture

Clairvoyix’s ability to scale up and down is important when delivering a packaged approach to hospitality-specific database marketing systems, and it has clients with fewer than 100,000 past guests in their database to clients with well over 35 million unique profiled guests. This assures applicability with the largest chains down to the smallest independent hotel. 

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