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2005 Summer
Henderson, NV

The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution (CHS) is a Web-enabled marketing automation system that empowers clients to transform transactional data into actionable business intelligence. CHS creates a marketing-specific database providing you the ability to increase your revenues by efficiently targeting your guests while reducing marketing costs.

The solution provides the capabilities to create personalized, one-to-one marketing offers targeted at specific guest segments, analyze historical visit and spending patterns, and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns over time. With the addition of the CHS analytical reporting tool, decision makers in marketing have access to real-time metrics required to quickly build successful campaigns, measure their effectiveness and share the results across business units.

CHS begins with a hospitality marketing-focused database. This flexible, scalable, easy-to-use solution provides complete capabilities to import, standardize, enhance, store, present and analyze guest data. From within the product architecture, customers have access to leading technologies in:

  • Name and address cleansing and standardization
  • Data consolidation (de-dupe) and house-holding
  • Geographic/demographic/lifestyle appends
  • Data analysis/data visualization (mapping)
  • Query and reporting (OLAP)
  • Campaign management (including ROI and e-mail)

CHS is a single-source solution designed specifically for marketers in the hospitality industry and it will dramatically reduce the implementation timeframe normally required of similar marketing automation solutions. The single most time-consuming task associated with the implementation and ongoing support of a hospitality database marketing system is the guest data extract process. Working with its partner, NoBarriers, CHS has automated this process and seta new standard for speed of implementation, resulting in the fastest possible return on investment.

The new CHS analytical reporting tool allows users to analyze the impact of guest segments across a wide range of selection criteria such as demographic variables, feeder markets and ranked states. No more waiting for your reports, they are Web accessed in real time. You can also compare a given month’s revenue, stays and room revenue across all guest segments against the prior year for a given month. The user selects the report, the level of detail and the relevant timeframe allowing for an almost limitless number of report scenarios.

Accessible via a Web browser, CHS enables users to perform guest segmentation and profiling, gather and understand guest preference information, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and consolidate guest history across properties. Once the target guest segment has been identified, the CHS integrated campaign manager allows for the tracking of the promotion that the segment will receive. Also, it allows the user to document the medium the promotion will be received on, and lets the user enter the costs and forecasted revenue associated with the promotion. CHS will then detect and track which guests responded to the promotion, the total number of responders, the associated response rate and the revenue that can be attributed to the campaign.

Thus, CHS automatically tracks the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by determining the return on investment for each marketing promotion, which allows the execution of future marketing plans based on past performance.

Clairvoyix gives hotels the competitive edge by enabling them to analyze customer data and implement the most effective targeted marketing campaigns. Hotels can identify and better understand individual guests and prospects while generating faster and more efficient customer-focused responses. World-renowned properties such as Grand Wailea Resort & Spa, PGA West/La Quinta, La Costa, Hotel del Coronado, Pinehurst (ClubResorts), The Broadmoor and many others utilize Clairvoyix technology as the foundation of targeted marketing initiatives.

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