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2008 Summer
Henderson, NV

Clairvoyix provides the turn-key direct marketing solutions and services that the leading hotels and resorts of the world depend on for their targeted marketing initiatives.  The Clairvoyix product suite has been designed to address the marketing challenges faced by single independent resorts and hotels as well as multiproperty, multi-PMS organizations.  Clairvoyix is a proven solution for both acquisition marketing (prospecting) and guest relationship/loyalty marketing (retention, cross-sell and upsell).  The Clairvoyix solution is offered as a user-friendly, Web-browser accessed suite of products designed specifically for the marketing professional or as a fully outsourced direct marketing service.  With Clairvoyix outsourced direct marketing, clients will benefit from its proven best practices approach to the analysis, execution and tracking of their targeted marketing campaigns. 
The Clairvoyix product suite consists of three modules: the Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory (CKF), the Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution (CHS) and the Clairvoyix Guest Intelligence (CGI) analytical reporting engine.
The Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory is a foundation for any guest or prospect marketing initiative.  The Knowledge Factory processes guest data (e.g., PMS data) from a variety of sources and from multiple properties to ensure the most accurate marketing database possible.  Guest data is cleansed by matching addresses against the USPS ZIP+4 code master files, de-duplicated, gender coded and first name standardized.  Guest data is then further enhanced with appended demographic, geographic and life-style data.  With Clairvoyix you can even add e-mail addresses to existing mailing addresses.  The Knowledge Factory allows organizations with either a single property or multiple properties to easily consolidate all guest data into one marketing database.  Finally, the Knowledge Factory supports opt-out requests at the guest level for privacy law compliance.  

The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution allows hospitality marketers to select past guests and prospects for targeted marketing campaigns, whether e-mail, direct mail or mobile marketing. Criteria such as demographic profile (e.g., household income), reservation lead time, geography (driving distance), life-style traits (e.g., gourmet food/wine) or numerous other attributes can be used to select guests for a campaign.  At the end of the campaign, marketers can run a ROI module to accurately determine the effectiveness of the campaign.  
The Clairvoyix Guest Intelligence (CGI) analytical reporting engine brings near real-time reporting to the user’s Web-browser.  The dashboard displays key marketing metrics such as top-producing states, first-time versus repeat guests, and revenue per stay for the current month, last month and a year ago.  Other reports include feeder market analysis and guest demographic profiles (age, occupation, income, etc.).  The guest intelligence user interface has been designed so that little or no training is required.

Clairvoyix is also offering hospitality organizations an affordable guest profile analysis report that gives detailed lifestyle and demographic information on their past guests for hospitality organizations that wish to enhance their targeted marketing analysis capabilities.  This data can be used to refine marketing campaigns and to acquire highly targeted prospect lists.  Clairvoyix is also offering a 90-day jump-start program for hospitality organizations new to targeted marketing.   

To learn more about how the leading hotels and resorts are utilizing the Clairvoyix solution to increase the returns on their marketing campaigns, please call toll free at (877) 866-8693 or visit

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