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2020 Summer
Henderson, NV

You think you've prepared for all likely disruptions of business, including abnormal customer attrition and an economic  downturn; then a global crisis essentially shuts down an entire industry, and your revenue stream comes to a screeching halt. It's time to evaluate the situation and build a crisis plan, but denial is a powerful thing. When we held an executive  management meeting and discussed how we would cut expenses (i.e. cut staff) if there was a prolonged travel shutdown, I didn't believe we'd actually need to furlough employees.

But two weeks in, it became apparent that many of our hotel clients were unwilling or unable to pay their past due invoices, let alone continue to require our direct marketing services. From the start we decided to cut pay versus laying off employees, and this served us well when the SBA offered the Payroll Protection Program. At that point we had our employees but with little work to do. We encouraged professional development, specifically the “study at home kind," and we decided to use our down time to innovate. I've always believed that there is opportunity when confronted with adversity. We developed our Rapid Recovery Response program, which is basically a template driven email marketing program that we could offer for $500. We believed an inexpensive email program would help those hotels that did stay open communicate with past guests. Because it was template driven and outsourced, we would need very little help from the property.

We supported this initiative with press releases and a targeted email campaign of our own, and the response was better than what we could have hoped for. We also believe that when a hotel reopens, it won't be fully staffed, so an outsourced direct marketing model may be in high demand for the initial phase of the recovery, and possibly for an even longer timeframe.

To keep morale up we have weekly calls and email company updates. I believe that communication is critical when an employee is faced with a very uncertain future. We haven't and can't guarantee the timing of the recovery, and therefore the return of our revenue stream, but with a solid crisis plan, solid financial footing, and a little bit of luck, Clairvoyix will make it through the worst of the pandemic.

As a company that prides itself on delivering high value for a reasonable investment, the silver lining in the pandemic cloud is the fact that for the foreseeable future hotel organizations will be very judicious with their expenditures. That is something Clairvoyix intends to capitalize on as the inevitable recovery gives hotels the confidence to once-again deploy marketing campaigns.

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