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Vendor Updates

Cloud5 Communications

2020 Summer
Chicago, IL

Helping Hotels Stay Open for Business During COVID-19
In this edition of Hospitality Upgrade, we're going to focus on our Contact Center business unit. In these unprecedented times it's important to make sure callers feel safe and taken care of by answering your phones quickly and with care while reducing your fixed costs. As hospitality professionals, it's our job to comfort guests, so they feel safe – and it starts with your voice agents. Cloud5 has experienced a surge in demand for business continuity and guest support services from hotels of all shapes and sizes since the start of COVID-19.

Capacity to Take on Your Call Volume Immediately
Due to our ability to offer flex agent staffing with our enhanced work-at-home model, we have the capacity to start taking new calls right away. We are supporting hotels that want to reduce costs by transitioning in-house support to a proven third party as well as hotels that have experienced changes in call type and/or volume due to COVID-19. Each scenario requires fast migration with compressed ramp up and training across a range of guest touch points including voice, chat, social and email.

Special Temporary Relief Call Handling Services for Hotels
For hotels that need short-term call handling support during the COVID19 crisis, we have put together a program to ensure your callers get a fast response and a friendly voice to talk to. This allows you to focus on building your business recovery. There are no onboarding fees, reduced per minute cost and no long-term contract.

COVID-19 Support Options:
• Back up for hotel reduced reservations staff onsite or in the corporate call center
• Interim support for closed properties to process cancellations and rebook for future dates
• Handling online chat and/or digital responses on the hotel website or social platforms

Moving to Recovery and Beyond — At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, the industry will enter recovery. The best time to prepare for that recovery is now. Hoteliers should be evaluating their old ways of doing business and taking action. Whether it's moving from an underperforming offshore solution or a high cost self-managed operation, we can help.
Cloud5’s proven processes generate higher conversion, higher ADR, and #1 RTF scores. And our highly skilled agents deliver the performance that ranks Cloud5 as the top provider for the world’s leading luxury travel brand.

Full Range of Comprehensive CRO Services: 
• 24/7 central reservations
• Overflow and after-hours services
• Loyalty program, group desk and specialty services
• Revenue management/ upsell and cross sell
• Social media/chat/ email services

In addition to Cloud5 Contact Center, our Cloud5 Technology business unit designs, builds and supports high-performance internet/ network and voice solutions ensuring top guest satisfaction. 

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