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Vendor Updates


2016 Fall

TS&C is a leader in the field of holistic data management (Big Data). With dailypoint™ –  a modular software platform particularly developed for the hospitality industry –  the company caters to individual hotels as well as hotel groups.

TS&C was established in 2005 and had its focus on marketing-oriented customer relationship management (CRM). Over the years, various new products and services have been added to the portfolio. dailypoint™ enables hoteliers access to holistic data management, which is usually restricted to online travel agents (OTA) or shopping giants such as Amazon. The software covers all relevant areas of communication, client retention as well as guest feedback management; it supports operations and facilitates significant analyses, which provide a solid basis for decision-making.

360° – Central Data Management (CDM) by dailypoint™
The patented data cleansing processes allow data from all sources to be processed and cleansed. The main data sources include the PMS, the email processing system, the hotel’s proprietary website, the feedback management system, the Wi-Fi, food and beverage, as well as the POS systems (e.g., spa, golf). All cleansed guest data is then stored in the centralized “master database“ – the heart of dailypoint™. A comprehensive profile is created and centrally stored for each customer. The dream of hoteliers to be able to have all information and data in one central place is now becoming reality. dailypoint™ automatically learns with each booking, click or guest movement and constantly enriches the information about the guest. With 360° by dailypoint™ hotel companies cover the areas of CRM (customer relationship marketing), CRO (customer relationship operations) and CRA (customer relationship analytics) with one central solution.

SmartWireless by dailypoint™
Data from a WLAN can be used for intelligent data management with the goal to learn more about the guest. SmartWireless by dailypoint™ allows hotels to cash in their wireless investment by collecting valuable structured data and connecting a smartphone, tablet or pc with its user, making the hotels leverage Big Data. The data is the basis for targeted marketing onsite and cross selling, a better guest recognition and improved service level. Include the WLAN as one of the key sources of CRM.

kissCRM by dailypoint™
kissCRM is the starter package for hotels which combines all advantages of an intelligent and sustainable CRM solution. kissCRM is solid and easy to use. Users are rapidly able to independently operate all features, which are vital for modern marketing. They range from sending email newsletters within five clicks to automated activities such as pre and post-stay or direct booker mailings. The smart kissCRM is a hotel’s entry into the world of guest engagement. It offers a seamless experience for the guests – from their first booking to the moment they return, and it grows with the property’s needs.

All dailypoint™ modules are on the same cloud-based platform and part of one central hotel solution; everything is already connected in the dailypoint™ central data management platform.

For further information please call +49 89 189 35 69 0, write to businessdev@dailypoint.com or consult http://www.dailypoint.com/.

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