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Vendor Updates


2018 Fall

dailypoint™ is the leading #abovePMS solution that allows hotels to gain a deep knowledge of each customer. The patented data cleansing process is the key to combining all important data sources like PMS, e-mail newsletter, hotel website, feedback system, Wi-Fi and many more.
dailypoint™ utilizes artificial intelligence and modern machine learning algorithms to learn constantly about guests. The solution consists of 16 applications within one sign-in. The apps include the industry’s most powerful and trusted CRM, a privacy dashboard that allows hotels to set rules and update guest data preferences across all systems, a powerful booking manager, and a smart Wi-Fi solution that transforms Wi-Fi from a cost center to a profit center.
With dailypoint™ hoteliers have control of their data, learn who their customers are, individualize their marketing and guest services, run targeted sales actions, get meaningful insights for decision making and have a central place to become GDPR compliant. dailypoint™ allows hoteliers who want to benefit from digitalization. dailypoint™ is the trusted solution for hotels and chains of all sizes, from chains to single properties. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has representation in: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, UK, USA, Switzerland and Dubai.
For more information about dailypoint’s modules please call +49 89 189 35 69 0, write to info@dailypoint.com or consult http://www.dailypoint.com.

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