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Vendor Updates


2020 Summer

Germany-based, dailypointTM is a leading #abovePMS solution for individual hotels and hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, websites, newsletters or Wi-Fi. The core of dailypointTM is the data laundry, a unique system that cleans data in 350 steps to create a central and consolidated guest profile in real time. Hotels with the highest quality standards trust dailypoint™. The platform consists of 14 combinable modules for real customer relationship management in all areas of a hotel.

The COVID-19 outbreak began in Europe just before ITB 2020 and in the beginning of a busy year with a full schedule of events. The sudden lock-down resulted in the cancellation of pretty much all of that. Although predictable, the changed situation was still frightening. The closing of almost all our clients´ hotels followed right after and left us in an uncertain situation. We knew we had to react quickly and shifted our focus fully to our existing customers.

After the first wave of support requests to quickly adapt especially the guest communication, we focused on consulting the hotels on the best measures to take during the crisis. Step one was to get in touch with every client discussing their individual situation and the quick set-up of a series of free online Webinars. In half hour sessions we talked about how to become more competitive to be prepared for the re-opening. Topics included online reputation management, reports and business intelligence or how to increase direct reservations. Webinars are being held twice a week and can also be viewed online (dailypoint.com/events).

In a second step we created a special Corona-offer which allows existing and new clients to sign-up for additional dailypointTM modules for free for three months (https://www.dailypoint.com/three_months_ free/). The offer includes individual training and consulting. Frequent communication with our customers and close cooperation with our partners help streamline activities. As a result, we see our hotels using this time of crisis to re-think their strategies, optimize their digital infrastructure and get ready for the end of the crisis - which we can see coming.

Now at the beginning of May, after roughly three months of lock-down, things are starting to move again and hotels are getting ready to reopen their doors. Facing a load of new hygiene standards that need to be in place before welcoming the first guests, they can now rely on the CRM and software solutions in place to support them in this phase of a restart! “COVID-19 is an extreme challenge, especially for our industry. A real CRM like dailypointTM is one of the fundamental things hotels have to have in place especially in such a crisis, in order to counteract it.” – Michael Toedt, PhD, CEO, dailypointTM

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