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Vendor Updates


2020 Fall

Germany-based, dailypointTM is a leading #abovePMS solution for individual hotels and hotel groups. dailypoint™ collects data from all relevant sources such as PMS, POS, website, newsletter or Wi-Fi. The core of dailypointTM is the data laundry, a unique system which cleans data in 350 steps to creates a central and consolidated guest profile in real time. Hotels with the highest quality standards trust in dailypoint™. The platform consists of 15 combinable modules for a real customer relationship management in all areas of a hotel. 

In times like this – where businesses have to readjust and question their strategies, costs and processes – digitalization should be at the core of the readjustment. 

dailypointTM is the most complex hotel CRM application on the market. It also has the deepest two-way integration into all leading PMS systems and the best data cleansing and AI algorithms to create the deepest guest insights. At the core of dailypointTM stands the central profile. It's like the holy grail for the success of a digitalization strategy. The platform approach of dailypointTM with its open API makes it super easy to connect new systems, apps and websites to leverage the asset a central profile offers for a better conversion, targeted sales and marketing, guest recognition, operations and, of course, loyalty. 

dailypointTM offers 15 apps. More than 130 solutions can connect to dailypointTM instead of connecting to the PMS, with its faulty profiles and inaccurate data. This bundle offers not only a much higher outcome – it also costs less.

With dailypointTM users can replace, on average, seven silo systems.Imagine what this means for work efficiency and cost and maintenance structure.

“Our customers at dailypointTM are demanding hoteliers with the highest requirements. If you want to be sure you go in the right direction, pick a company who works for many of the most sophisticated hoteliers from budget to super luxury,” says Michael Toedt, PhD, CEO of dailypointTM.

dailypoint's COVID-19 offer includes zero license when you are closed and set up payable over a period of 12 months. 

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