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2012 Fall
Dallas, TX

DerbySoft is a global technology company serving hotel companies and the hospitality distribution industry since 2002.  The company continues to develop the next generation of online hotel distribution infrastructure: a fair, effective and enterprise-independent global distribution network (GDN) that enables travel product suppliers, distributors and search engines to connect with each other while maintaining their own business models, connectivity preferences and data logic.

Traditionally, this entails connecting a hotel company’s CRS to an online travel agency’s platform to provide rates and availability to the agency’s customers, and ultimately to deliver reservations back to the CRS. This remains the largest part of DerbySoft’s business with its solution, DPlatform. However, the company also connects hotel companies to meta-search and vertical search partners to provide them with rates and availability on behalf of the hotels through its Meta-Search Manager. As part of that service, DerbySoft offers hotel companies unique bidding tools that allow them to control their adword spend, set their daily bidding limits and set other parameters, all from one browser page that updates the various meta search engines simultaneously. Also, in addition to providing the dynamic content comprising rates and availability, DerbySoft is storing and delivering the hotels’ static content, semi-static content and visual media content through its solution, TotalContent, again, to a multitude of distribution partners.  DerbySoft also offers DHotelier, a distribution and reservations platform, specifically for hotels in China.

DerbySoft’s supply-side partners include most of the global hotel groups, third-party central reservations systems, smaller regional chains and bed banks, and about 1,500 independent Chinese properties that connect directly to DerbySoft’s network. On the demand side, many of the world’s leading online travel agencies and tour operators work with DerbySoft. Because DerbySoft’s technology roots originated in China, it has a very strong presence and unique connections with many distributors in China, Japan and around Southeast Asia.

The company has a growing team of 125 people in offices throughout the United States and China. The United States serves as the business headquarters and China serves as the technology headquarters. However, both the CEO and CTO are Chinese-Americans that reside in Shanghai, China. DerbySoft has been an active member of the OpenTravel Alliance since 2002 and an active member of HEDNA since 2007.

The DerbySoft architecture and platform was designed from the start as a distributed network. The traditional industry switch model employs servers in a single physical location and all data, regardless of where it originates, must travel to that location before it can be routed to its ultimate destination. In contrast, DerbySoft maintains server clusters around the globe. The advantages of this architecture for DerbySoft’s partners are obvious: fast performance for all partners regardless of their locations, built-in redundancy and extraordinarily fast and easy scalability.

DerbySoft believes that all travel companies will develop and maintain their own, nonstandardized systems, and that their interconnection will form a global distribution network, or GDN. Its vision is to provide a global distribution network that facilitates business for each pair of partners based on their platforms and their goals.

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