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2014 Fall
Dallas, TX

DerbySoft is a global technology company serving the hospitality industry since 2002. The company provides an infrastructure platform that enables travel suppliers, distributors and search engines to connect with each other while maintaining their own business models and data logic.  The DerbySoft team considers itself a direct connect facilitator.

DerbySoft’s technology is predicated on two vital components; the ability to connect travel suppliers and distributors and cache availability, rates and inventory (ARI) extremely efficiently.  This allows it to provide an extremely high degree of rate accuracy enabling distributors, and ultimately consumers, an efficient, valid online shopping experience.
Hotel suppliers also appreciate the value DerbySoft provides, as the same caching technology that provides a valid consumer shopping experience also buffers their own central reservation systems (CRS) from the transactional hits they would otherwise have to absorb. DerbySoft’s automated and predictive caching software is continuously adapting its data retrieval schedules from hotel CRSs in order to maintain a high degree of accuracy.

DerbySoft's supply side partners include nine of the top 10 global hotel groups, smaller regional chains, CRS suppliers, representation companies and close to 1,000 Chinese independent properties. On the demand side, many of the world's leading OTAs and several of the largest tour operators are connected to DerbySoft.

Faster, Cheaper and Better Metasearch Marketing Solutions
In 2011 DerbySoft built on its record of innovation and adaptive design to break into the unmanaged world of metaSearch marketing. Using the existing connectivity and caching architecture DerbySoft overlaid an advanced software platform the industry now knows as MetaSearch Manager.

MetaSearch Manager allows any advertiser the ability to control its marketing campaigns across multiple metasearch engines and automatically optimize their return on advertising spends. This includes an automated bidding solution specifically designed for metasearch channels using auction model advertising platforms like Google HPA, TripAdvisor and Qunar (China).

This capability has become extremely attractive to hotel companies that recognize the need to drive more business direct to their own website and to effectively control their return on advertising spend (ROAS).

In addition to DerbySoft’s ability to connect, cache and control an online distribution relationship between a distributor and a hotel supplier, it also offers several additional services to the hospitality industry.

TotalContent allows a hotel company to send DerbySoft all of its content from any number of sources and in any number of formats so DerbySoft can consolidate, evaluate, cleanse and re-format the data into a specific single format and deliver it to each distributor through its publisher of choice.

DerbySoft’s technology center in Shanghai allows it to provide services such as translation, booking engine design and unique distribution opportunities for hotel companies looking to expand globally, and specifically into China and APAC regions.

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