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2017 Fall
Dallas, TX

DerbySoft is a global technology company serving the hospitality industry since 2002. The company provides infrastructure and service that enables travel suppliers, distributors and search engines to connect with each other while maintaining their own business models and data logic. 
All of DerbySoft’s technology is composed of two vital components; the ability to fully connect practically any travel supplier’s system to that of any distributor, and very sophisticated caching of availability, rates and inventory (ARI) that is extremely accurate while still being efficient.
This caching technology, in particular, provides a valid consumer shopping experience as a result of its accuracy, and it also buffers central reservation systems (CRSs) and property management systems (PMSs) from enormous volumes of transactional hits.
DerbySoft's existing supply side partners include all of the top 10 global hotel groups, smaller regional chains, the major third-party CRSs, representation companies and hundreds of European and Chinese independent properties. On the demand side, almost all of the world's leading OTAs, metasearch engines, and wholesalers as well as several of the largest tour operators are connected to DerbySoft.
New Offerings
DerbySoft recently rolled out a simpler, more streamlined connectivity method called “Go” to support lower-volume distribution channels and smaller suppliers. This new method utilizes an easy, lightweight API while leveraging DerbySoft’s sophisticated caching and extraordinary data accuracy.
Faster, Less Costly and Better Metasearch Marketing Solutions
In 2011 DerbySoft built on its record of innovation and adaptive design to break into the unmanaged world of metasearch marketing. Employing its existing connectivity and caching architecture, DerbySoft overlaid an advanced software platform called MetaSearch Manager.
With the recent release of the 2.0 version of the MetaSearch Manager tool suite and the addition of enhanced metasearch and marketing services such as support for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel, all of DerbySoft’s marketing services, including MetaSearch Manager, now fall under the product name Click. MetaSearch Manager provides any advertiser with the ability to control its marketing campaigns across multiple metasearch engines and automatically optimize the return on ad spend (ROAS). This includes delivery of dynamic data and automated bidding solutions specifically designed for metasearch channels that use auction model advertising such as Google HPA, TripAdvisor and Qunar (China).
MetaSearch Manager also supports assisted booking for those metasearch engines that have enabled it, including TripAdvisor and Qunar.
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