Vendor Updates


2020 Summer
Dallas, TX

When it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to slam the hospitality industry, DerbySoft’s management laid out two simple guiding principles: Keep employees safe and continue to support our customers throughout the crisis. Based in Dallas, Texas and with employees across 11 countries, the company was already set up to work remotely, so it was one of the fi rst in the industry to switch to a complete work from home environment. All support and account managementin continued uninterrupted, using the secure systems already in place.

Like most other companies within the travel industry, DerbySoft welcomed discussions with our customers, vendors and partners regarding various ways in which we could help each other through this crisis. We also continued to move forward by completing projects and signing several new deals, and of course analyzing and sharing with our customers much of the hotel booking data we have at our disposal.

We were also able to help in some unique ways as opportunities arose during the early stages of the coronavirus situation. Most travel industry personnel know that many people in China were already been wearing face masks on a regular basis well before COVID-19, primarily because of air quality issues. As a result, there were plenty of face masks in the Chinese marketplace.

But as the crisis quickly evolved, particularly in the Wuhan province, the supply of face masks in that region was quickly depleted and there was a desperate need. Because DerbySoft already had an established presence in China, were able to fi nd and secure thousands of face masks and arrange to have them sent to those locations most in need, such as schools and hospitals.

In addition, working with a coalition of other travel industry leaders, DerbySoft contributed to the fi ght against the virus by donating funds to sterilize hotels that housed fi rst responders. This meant frontline workers could come back to a clean environment and hotels could be safely cleaned and used for triage facilities as needed. And as hotels slowly reopened, guests could feel confi dent that the rooms and facilities had been properly sanitized.

We also had the opportunity to send many face masks to our customers in need around the world. Our CEO and his team made sure that anybody that needed and requested masks received an immediate response

“We are very proud to have been a small part of the efforts to help ensure the safety of many individuals and to help slow the spread of this nasty virus. We will continue to do everything within our power to help our industry overcome this virus and thrive in the near future," saidat Keith Cotton, managing director at DerbySoft.

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