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2012 Spring
Indianapolis, IN

Growing Number of Operators Retrofit Properties with Kaba RFID Electronic Locks

Major Brands and Independent Properties Select Kaba for Professional Service and Reliable RFID Technology
Operators across the country are upgrading their magnetic stripe door locks to more reliable Saflok and ILCO RFID electronic locks from Kaba. Hoteliers say they select Kaba because of its professional, courteous service staff and solid technology. The reasons operators upgrade to RFID locks are unique to each property, but all are focused on improved operations. 

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch upgraded to Saflok System 6000 RFID locks. “RFID locks are the future,” said Rick Creviston, chief engineer. “The keys always work. Guests almost never have to return to the desk for a new key. They like the convenience of opening their doors by just passing the keycard near the reader.” Creviston noted that the Kaba professional team upgraded the property’s 900 guestroom doors quickly, with no inconvenience to guests. RFID locks improve guests’ experiences because keycards cannot be erased by cell phones or other magnetized articles that travelers often carry.   

The Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina replaced its mag stripe door locks with Saflok MT RFID units. The four-star resort is on a pristine white sand beach where salt air corroded the property’s mag stripe locks. Pink Shell retrofitted with RFID locks because they are sealed and the interior components are protected.  Now, exterior doors are no longer affected by the moisture and dirt that decrease their reliability. “Kaba’s service team members were experts. They handled the installation quickly and skillfully, and our new RFID locks work perfectly,” said Ellis Etter, Southwest Florida regional director of sales and marketing for Boykin Management Company, which operates Pink Shell. 

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge upgraded to Saflok RFID electronic door locks throughout the famous golf destination. “RFID locks are attractive and match our d├ęcor,” said Terry McMullen, director of operations. “Improved guest service was another big benefit to us with RFID locks. Our guests no longer have to swipe a keycard in and out of the lock. Our employees use an RFID wristband. When their hands are full, they do not have to fumble for a key. They simply pass the wristband on their arm near the door lock to enter the room.  This allows us to provide even better service to our guests.” McMullen said that the Kaba installation team completed the entire retrofit in less than two weeks with no property downtime.

Independent Operators Retrofit with Cost-effective ILCO RFID Locks – an “Intelligent Decision”
Many independent properties are also upgrading to Kaba’s cost-effective ILCO 790 RFID locks. New ILCO RFID users include the Luna Mar Seaside Heights and the Adventurer Inn, both in New Jersey, and the Mountain Inn in Killington, Vt. One independent operator who recently replaced his mag stripe locks with RFID said, “This technology sets the standard for functionality and convenience. Because Kaba’s new RFID locks are priced about the same as our old mag stripe units, upgrading to the new technology is the intelligent decision.”

For more information about Kaba and its products, please contact Dena Reyes at (800) 999-6213 or email

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