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2012 Summer
Indianapolis, IN

Leading Chains Install Kaba Saflok and ILCO RFID Locks and Guestroom Integration

Loews Hotels Signs Saflok as Preferred Vendor; Sun Suites to Install ILCO 790; Revel Opens with Saflok Quantum RFID; Hyatt New Orleans and Sheraton New York Select Kaba Integrated Systems    
Kaba Lodging expanded its leadership as a preferred provider of electronic locks with multiple chainwide agreements for its Saflok and ILCO contactless RFID locking systems.  Kaba also integrated its advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) Quantum locks with energy management control systems at the new Revel $2.4 billion lifestyle resort in Atlantic City and at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers.  Kaba is the first electronic lock provider to enable operators to cut utility expense by integrating its RFID locking system with the eight-car elevator system at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

Loews Hotels Selects Saflok as Exclusive Preferred Vendor
Kaba signed an exclusive, sole-provider preferred vendor agreement with Loews Hotels. Kaba will provide Saflok Quantum™ locking systems to Loews Hotels’ one-of-a-kind properties, both existing and new build.  Kaba will provide all Loews Hotels with a choice of Saflok Quantum locking systems to emphasize each property’s uniquely local, luxury offering.

Sun Suites Signs Agreement to Install ILCO 790 RFID Door Locks in All Properties
Kaba will install its ILCO 790 RFID locks in all 20 Sun Suites properties operated by Park Management Group.  Dan Burdakin, president of Park Management, said, “The new ILCO 790 RFID locks will take our hotel operations and guest experience to the next level for the foreseeable future.  We have worked with ILCO before and their service and support are excellent.  We have confidence in their products and people.”

Revel Opens its Doors and Integrates Guestroom Systems with Saflok Quantum RFID Electronic Door Locks
Revel opened the doors of its $2.4 billion lifestyle resort in Atlantic City with Kaba’s Saflok Quantum MT RFID electronic locks and Messenger LENS wireless network.  The Saflok Quantum MT system communicates with all locks remotely and utilizes Revel’s Creston communications backbone to deliver the ultimate in integrated guestroom technology, security, convenience and RFID reliability. This provides major operational cost savings.  Saflok communicates via its Messenger technology to each room’s Creston wireless network that controls multiple, personalized environmental innovations.

Saflok and INNCOM Partner at Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
Kaba worked with long-term partner INNCOM to provide Saflok Quantum RFID electronic door locks seamlessly integrated with guest energy management for the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. Quantum locks are part of the INNCOM network throughout the hotel’s approximately 1,400 rooms.  The Saflok system utilizes INNCOM’s network to provide online features and to enhance energy savings without the need for an additional communications backbone.  
Hyatt Regency New Orleans Integrates Saflok Guest Keycard ID Synced to Elevators
Kaba integrated its Saflok RFID guest keycards with elevator banks in the newly revitalized Hyatt Regency New Orleans.  Only keycard holders may be admitted to guestroom floors for heightened security at the 1,193-room convention hotel.  Schindler Elevator’s PORT destination-dispatch technology reads a guest’s Saflok RFID keycard outside one of the eight elevator cars and automatically calls the elevator before a guest enters.  

For more information about Kaba and its products, please contact Dena Reyes at (800) 999-6213 or email

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