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2012 Fall
Indianapolis, IN

Kaba Launches Mobile Guest Key Technology; Revel and Les Hotels JARO Select Kaba Saflok and ILCO RFID Locks
Kaba showcased its Mobile Guest Key technology at HITEC 2012. The Mobile Guest Key solution enables hotel companies to use near-field communication technology (NFC) on smartphones or tablets to create VIP and loyalty card codes that guests may also use to access their rooms. The system uses a secure ID code sent to a guest’s mobile device and is used to communicate with a hotel for remote check-in and identification.

Kaba’s secure NFC locking technology is based on its widely installed Saflok RFID electronic door lock system. At HITEC, attendees took the new system for a test drive on BlackBerry® and Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphones, unlocking doors with the Live Mobile Guest Key system.

Revel, the 1,898-room lifestyle resort on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, installed Kaba’s Saflok Quantum MT radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic locks. Revel relies on Kaba to provide guests with secure convenience as soon as they pass their room key over their door’s lock reader. Saflok communicates via its Messenger technology to each room’s wireless network that controls multiple, environmental innovations. Messenger enables front desk staff to remotely program any door to accept a guest’s existing key. The technology also allows staff to pre-key groups and issue keys to early arrivals, activating keycards when rooms are ready.

Kaba’s Saflok low-maintenance locking system uses Revel’s communications backbone to deliver the ultimate in integrated guestroom technology, security, convenience and RFID reliability, resulting in major operational cost savings.

Les Hôtels JARO installed Kaba’s Saflok and ILCO electronic lock systems across its seven-property hotel company in Quebec City, Canada. The hotel company retrofitted five of its properties with Saflok’s RFID locking system. JARO also implemented ILCO 790 locks at two of its hotels, and Saflok RT locks with the Messenger LENS wireless online system at two other properties. 

“The upgrade to Kaba’s RFID locks was universally successful for our seven Les Hôtels JARO properties,” said Stéphane Marcoux, general manager for Hotel Palace Royal. “Guests are pleased with the effortless way the new keycards perform. We selected Kaba because of their expert, personal service. With on-site training, 24/7 customer support and a personalized Web store we knew we could expect the same consistently high-quality service for their RFID locks. It was the right decision.”

The Messenger LENS wireless network is particularly valuable for the JARO properties. Marcoux said, “I can track all key usage and even recode doors remotely if needed. Another plus for our guests is Kaba’s extremely fast interface to our property management systems. When guests check in, the system codes their keycard automatically in about three seconds. This is great for service.” 

Marcoux noted that Les Hôtels JARO properties instituted a key recycling initiative as part of its Green Key eco rating program. “RFID keycards last longer than mag stripe keys so we can reuse them repeatedly,” Marcoux said. “We instructed our executive housekeepers to collect the keys that guests leave in their rooms. We also have key drop boxes at the front desk that remind guest to recycle.”

For more information about Kaba and its products, please contact Dena Reyes at (800) 999-6213 or email  

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