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ILCO and SAFLOK Have Security Technology Covered
Members of the Kaba family, ILCO and SAFLOK, have a security system for virtually every access-control application. ILCO and SAFLOK are known for creating products specifically tailored to customer needs for operational efficiency, cost reduction and enhanced guest experience.

ILCO is dedicated to the development of quality electronic locking systems for the hospitality market. ILCO’s hospitality solutions range from its signature, stand-alone front desk unit (FDU), to the ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System). The systems are coupled with the ILCO 790 RFID, 770, Generation E-760 and Solitaire 710-II electronic locks.

ILCO’s new 790 contactless electronic lock uses the latest RFID technology to answer hoteliers’ needs for guest security, staff efficiency and cost-effective solutions. With an ergonomically designed, intuitive contactless reader, guests simply need to present their keycards to the locks to gain access to their rooms. The 790 lock is a versatile product with the ability to read/write information to a variety of RFID credentials, such as keycards, wristbands and fobs. An audit trail (with the date/time each lock was accessed) is recorded on employee keycards, and locks can be easily interrogated using audit keycards.

ILCO also offers property management system (PMS) interfaces and perimeter access solutions, including remote access controllers (RAC) and exit devices.

In today’s wired world, people carry a wide array of expensive electronic devices, and they want a safe and secure place to store them. ILCO has the solution with a complete line of in-room safes that combine impeccable construction, security and user-friendly operation. These safes are ideal for all after-market segments. There are available models large enough to hold a 17-inch screen laptop as well as documents and a variety of other valuables. They make casual theft virtually impossible and enhance the guest’s feeling of security.

A long-term industry giant and now part of the Kaba family, SAFLOK has provided electronic locking solutions globally to the hospitality, multihousing, government and commercial markets for more than 30 years. SAFLOK’s family of products includes a number of unique solutions for the hospitality market.

SAFLOK’s newest offering is Messenger wireless system, developed in response to hoteliers’ demands for a smarter, more sophisticated property management system that is also more versatile and user friendly. Building on its well-respected Messenger bi-directional wireless access control system, SAFLOK has added the ZigBee Prostack protocol, an internationally recognized and accepted wireless standard.

The Messenger system enables smart room interoperability with other in-room devices. Translated: Guests are in for an amazingly customized, high-end experience with the new system’s capabilities.

SAFLOK’s other cutting-edge solutions include the Windows-based System 6000, energy management products, multitechnology electronic locks – such as MT, ├Ąds™, biometric, infrared (IR), radio-frequency (RF) and RFID locks – and in-room safes.

With decades of serving the growing hospitality industry, the ILCO and SAFLOK product lines have expanded and grown exponentially more sophisticated. But what hasn’t changed is the commitment of both companies to understanding customers’ critical needs, being first to market with intelligent solutions, and delivering greater security, efficiency and flexibility to customer operations.

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