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dormakaba USA Inc

2020 Fall
Indianapolis, IN

The Enhanced Role of Mobile and Touch-free Access Solutions in the COVID-19 Era – COVID-19 has drastically changed guest views and expectations about cleanliness in hotels. Convenient, reliable and safe for both the hotel property and guests, dormakaba's Mobile Access Solutions and Touch-free Access Solutions are excellent choices to minimize high touchpoints for guests and staff. Our solutions offer unobtrusive, simplified and user-friendly access that ensure secure entry, minimize high frequency touchpoints and reduce the spread of germs. 

Mobile Solutions Add to the Guest Experience – dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solutions are secure, end-to end mobile credential applications utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for dormakaba mobile enabled RFID hotel locks. Our BLE RFID hotel locks are the basis for a simplified transition to reliable mobile access. Hotels can issue and manage keys on mobile devices to access guest rooms equipped with our mobile enabled RFID locks.

 dormakaba’s mobile access credential delivery is enabled via LEGIC Connect. The LEGIC Connect service operates in a high-secure and scalable data center. The system can be easily extended to other applications such as accessing parking areas or elevators. LEGIC Connect allows for mobile credentials to be automatically delivered to guests’ mobile device, allowing them to go straight to their rooms and improving efficiency at the front desk. 

Automatic Openings Offer Safe, Barrier-free Access – dormakaba can help you transform any manual opening door into an automatic opening. 

Low energy swing door operators can be used in new construction or retrofit onto existing doors. dormakaba’s swing doors are designed for high traffic and heavy-duty use. Self-learning microprocessor controls adjust swing door speed for smooth opening and closing. Automatics function in low-energy or full-power mode.

Automatic sliding door operators are designed with attractive framing and sleek styles that offer unobstructed views and allow natural light into a building. dormakaba’s sliding door operators create easy hands-free access, offering silent and smooth door openings. Our doors are tested for one-million cycles in harsh weather. 

Touch-free actuators deliver effortless operation for access control, door automation, alerts and handicap accessibility. dormakaba’s RCI switches provide functional control with a selection of options for momentary release, maintained release, time-delay or emergency release. For increased operator flexibility, switches can be mounted as a remote switch and/or located at the door.

Expert Mobile and Touch-free Access Consulting and Services – dormakaba’s mobile and touch-free access programs can be tailored to meet any hotel’s needs and simplify adoption. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how you can integrate mobile and touchless access solutions into your property.  Take our free online assessment to determine next steps in implementing touch-free solutions.

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