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Vendor Updates

Edge Communications

2015 Fall
Plano, TX

A New Approach to Communications Services
Edge is a Dallas-based company that designs, builds and manages end-to-end communications solutions for the hospitality industry. From the initial strategy to deployment to ongoing managed services, Edge provides hoteliers with a team of experts to support their corporate strategy and business objectives.

Hospitality companies are faced with the complications of numerous network elements, multiple software platforms, endless application support issues, and a host of vendors to manage. Edge streamlines the process by offering one integrated solution that provides superior voice and data services, robust network infrastructure, sophisticated Wi-Fi and wireless solutions, and application integration with 24/7 customer care.

Voice Services
Edge’s call management system (CMS) includes all the features and functionality expected from an enterprise-class PBX system and more, including unlimited local and long distance minutes, full hardware/software redundancy, advanced quality of service (QOS) capabilities, enhanced 911, intelligent call routing and unified communications. Edge’s CMS is fully integrated with other traditional functions including firewall, VPN, DNS and DHCP, ensuring seamless integration with data networks.

Advanced Wireless and Wi-Fi Services
Edge designs, develops and deploys sophisticated, redundant wireless broadband networks that deliver exceptional performance while laying the groundwork for expansion of future Wi-Fi-enabled services. Its engineers perform coverage mapping services during the design phase and test the coverage post installation to ensure that systems are performing optimally.

Managed Solutions Services
Edge’s Network Monitoring environment is armed with highly trained system administrators who use Edge’s TOTEM to monitor and manage a limitless number of devices, elements, conditions and states in an extremely efficient manner using new data collection management methods, visualization techniques and knowledge-based tie-ins.

Edge remotely monitors a network and all of its components 24/7 with a dedicated system administrator available at all times.

Network Security
Edge employs security measures that include essentials such as daily scans, stateful inspection firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention and highly secure two-factor authenticated VPNs. Edge’s Encryption Points (EEPs) provide high-speed AES256 encryption at line speed up to 10Gbps. This ensures low latency, privacy of any data in motion such as voice, video and any other data deemed as sensitive and/or confidential. Edge’s EEPs offer the additional advantage of layer 4 encryption, which offers the benefits of MPLS, but with much higher security and a lower cost than MPLS platforms.

Custom Software Development and Integration
Edge maintains a staff of highly skilled developers and DBAs with expert skills in a variety of languages and platforms to develop any integration modules to either match what a property already has, or to enhance business flow and continuity of its existing technologies.

For more information on Edge Communications, please visit www.edgecommunications.com or contact Edge at (855) 266-1212.

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