Vendor Updates

ENG Infotech

2020 Summer
Fairfield, NJ

At ENG Infotech, one of our focuses is on software training and implementation in the hospitality industry. Our customers ask us to learn their systems and we become their training and deployment departments. In 2019 we had customers in PMS, POS and sales and catering software – the trifecta in hotel systems.

In early 2020 we could see the storm clouds forming, but felt the economy and demand for our services were strong and we could weather the changes. As January moved into February then March, the situation turned from “if something happens” to “when something happens." Our customers’ business and demand for implementation and training screeched to a halt and the future became clear. Our workforce had to be adjusted and a reduction was necessary.

All these external influences were beyond our control, but if we didn't increase the value of the remaining resources, we'd risk losing them as well. As leaders of a workforce, we had to expand the services and roles we were offering our customers. This was a two-step process:
1. We did an inventory of skills and strengths both individually and as an organization.
2. Because our customers also went through reductions in force, there were new pockets of need that had opened up in their organizations that our skills and strengths now fit.

With each customer, we found new ways to increase our value by growing and adapting our roles and responsibilities:
• Providing online chat support addressing “how do I ...” type questions from the end user
• Creating new train-the-trainer content
• Helping prepare our customers for the inevitable requests for refresher training by creating just-in-time training sessions 
• Developing a new service that will help our customer restore their customers’ confidence in the cleanliness and safety of their hotels
• Teaching our trainers to help manage the call-center voice queues

If we can look for the silver linings in the clouds, we will see that we need to: 
1. Take regular inventory of what we know and how it can be better utilized by our customers.
2. Have higher awareness of changes in our customers’ organizations and how we can have a positive effect.
3. Minimize our own complacency in doing things in only one way because we always have.

As with everyone, we are longing for heads in beds and business to return. We know it will, we just have to be patient. And when it does, we must also frequently re-read the three silver linings above.

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