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Hotel Effectiveness

2019 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

Hotel Effectiveness® serves more than 3,000 hotels to help reduce labor costs. Its award-winning technology is easy to use and integrates with major hotel systems.  Rising wages are a problem everywhere. Hotels need to eliminate overscheduling, reduce overtime and minimize the use of expensive contract labor. Hotel 
Effectiveness can be up and running in just a few weeks, resulting in 5 percent to 15 percent labor cost savings.
Labor Management and Scheduling
Create labor standards and staffing guidelines for every position in a hotel using the fully configurable Hotel Effectiveness labor management system.  Combine this with the hotel’s forecasted occupancy, revenue, arrivals, departures, and other key business drivers to produce a labor plan for each week.  The system automatically converts into a scheduling template for each manager, which reduces the time needed to produce a precise schedule to a few minutes per week.  
5 Minute Daily Labor Check-in 
Department managers, general managers and regional leaders use 5 Minute Daily Labor Check-in to review labor costs in real time, enabling schedule adjustments mid-week that will prevent wasteful overtime. It also accommodates unexpected changes in hotel forecasting.  
Mobile Application
Because Hotel Effectiveness was built by hotel people for the hotel industry, its new mobile application was designed for the hotel manager on the move. All critical functions including schedule management and the 5 Minute Daily Labor Check-in are built into the app. They are designed for simplicity, ease of use and rapid decision making. The Hotel Effectiveness mobile app is free to all clients and their staff. is the employee scheduling portal that lets members of a hotel’s staff, including contractors, review their individual schedule. This online tool makes it easy to stay up to date for busy team members to stay up to date.
Compensation Benchmarking
Hotel Effectiveness offers actual wage data for local markets. Clients can use this to create their compensation strategies and to make wage decisions.  With such broad market coverage and constantly updated data, the Hotel Effectiveness compensation benchmarking service is more accurate and more useful than outdated, self-reported survey solutions. 
Time and Attendance
Designed for Hotel Effectiveness clients who need a modern time and attendance solution, this technology includes a free web-based time clock as well as a wide selection of physical time clocks to suit any hotel’s operating model. Hotel Effectiveness time and a­ttendance integrates with all payroll providers.
Full Implementation and Onboarding Support
New clients receive full service, hands-on support including technical setup, configuration and labor standard consultation and best practices. The typical implementation time of the system is short. Most clients can start reducing labor costs within a few weeks.
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