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2020 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

The recovery has begun. It's early days, and it's clear that many aspects of hotel operations will be changed forever, but we're moving forward toward restored “normalcy.” As occupancy rises, staffing levels will increase. At times, we'll have excess staff when compared to normal operating requirements, so it's important to have a plan in place to use the team members who are working in ways that accelerate the post-COVID-19 ramp-up and promote greater profitability over the long term.

During this time, we need to rethink the way we manage hotel labor to set our hotels and our employees up for success.

Here's how to do it:

Take care of the team – Use this time to focus on cross-training employees. The benefits of cross-training include increased flexibility within staffing and scheduling, along with recruitment and retention. Providing this training to employees makes individual roles more attractive and boosts morale. When more employees have a broader range of talents, scheduling becomes more seamless.

Also, now is a great time to re-evaluate and/or create productivity standards. While staff is low, managers are working all positions, creating the perfect opportunity to redefine processes and expectations. Every manager should carry a stopwatch and establish new productivity standards that reflect changes in procedures and guest requirements. This small investment will improve the ongoing ROI of each day’s investment in labor.

Take care of the hotel – Impossible during high-occupancy time periods, now is the time for 100% deep cleaning and preventative maintenance. Offering your guests a fully sanitized, refreshed guestroom experience is a requirement of the post-COVID-19 traveling world. Deferred and preventive maintenance tasks can reduce energy costs, extend the asset life of the building, furnishings, fixtures and equipment, and improve the visual appearance of each hotel. To assist hotel managers during this time, we're providing a deep cleaning checklist and a deferred maintenance checklist as free resources to any hotel.

Take care of the customer – As occupancy rises, it's more important than ever to ensure safety and comfortability. Make sure that each guest receives personal protective equipment (PPE) upon arrival. In addition, use this exchange to inform the guests on new and additional cleaning/services expectations and procedures that have been implemented. Be kind and demonstrate sympathy by acknowledging a guest’s concerns before they happen. Things you want to communicate include: New cleaning processes, any changes to guest services they may have expected based on previous experiences, changes to amenity availability and social distancing rules.

In short, use this time wisely to get ahead and set yourself up for a successful reintroduction to guests and larger occupancy numbers. And remember, we're here to help.

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