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2007 Summer
Minneapolis, MN

Founded in 1989, IDeaS is a premier provider of hospitality revenue optimization and business intelligence solutions. IDeaS invented critical decision solutions that enable global hospitality organizations to understand, anticipate and react to consumer behavior in order to optimize estate-wide revenue or profits.

IDeaS offers proven solutions that:

  • Determine optimal pricing for your hotel
  • Analyze market behavior and capture revenue opportunities
  • Expand competitive set performance
  • Forecast business demands 
  • Manage and control decisions for distribution channels

IDeaS’ Mission
IDeaS’ mission is to be your innovative pricing and revenue optimization partner, bringing clarity and control to your journey to success.

Why IDeaS?
IDeaS’ Revenue Optimization Solutions are designed to provide your organization with a clear vision to your data, thereby giving you greater control over your business and maximizing revenue. Its revenue optimization solutions have a proven track record of solid financial return in the world’s most diverse and demanding environments.

IDeaS Revenue Optimization Product Highlights
On-demand Delivery

Recognizing the need for a faster, easier and more cost-effective deployment method, IDeaS has made its industry-leading solution available on demand. This deployment option offers hotels the best of both worlds, its award-winning technology delivered in an easy to purchase, faster to learn and conveniently supported way. IDeaS’ Web delivery provides all the benefits of IDeaS’ technology with none of the encumbrances and expense inherent in a traditional software purchase.

  • No technological management burden: No new equipment to purchase or to maintain and no need to tap your existing IT resources.
  • Use your Web browser to access data: Data is available anywhere around the world, at any time to access your data, training, controls and reports.
  • Unassisted deployment: Product updates and new features are automatically deployed during off-business hours; no on-site installations are required and no interruption of service is created.  

On-Demand Support, Training and Learning System
To successfully execute strategic decisions effectively, a well-trained staff is critical. Understanding this challenge, IDeaS has broken new ground in the development and delivery of Web-based training.

  • View progress and issues online: Stay connected 24x7 with on-demand access to application information, reports and IDeaS’ support teams.
  • Advanced on-demand training: IDeaS learning system offers each user an individualized learning curriculum. Start with the initial implementation process and then continue with additional courses to build user expertise. Reporting within the system allows progress views at the individual, hotel, regional and/or complete estate level. 

IDeaS is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn. The company maintains global technology, support and sales offices in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Asia. For more information, visit or call (952) 698-4200.

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