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2011 Fall
New York, NY

Whether a hotel, resort, casino or government lodging agency, every hotelier deserves a technology partner who understands his or her business and can deliver profit-focused solutions. Streamline operations, centralize processes and increase bookings with Infor Hospitality, one of the world’s largest software companies with a commitment to the hotel industry.

Hotel Management
Define profitability. Give guests more than they expect, and they’ll keep coming back for more – boosting profits in the process. Whether the property is a single, limited-service hotel or a multisite luxury brand, manage availability, rates, reservations, guest profiles and in-house services with HMS. Get a centralized, unified look at guests and business performance and reach the right channel, at the right time, with the right room, at the right price.

Central Reservations
Expose inventory. Attract more guests, lower reservation costs, increase revenue and make more money with HMS Call Center. Whether reservations come through third-party agents, channel booking partners or a call center, one enterprise database provides access to guest information, inventory, rates and controls from any location.

Financial Management
Measure profitability. Grow revenue and cut costs with Infor FMS. Get a reliable view of hospitality-specific financial performance across the entire organization and adapt to changing and challenging business environments. Reduce close cycles and improve accuracy with consolidation and standardization through a system that is designed to comply with industry regulations and uses best practices.

Budget Automation, Strategic Reporting and Analytics
Maximize profitability. Stop the spreadsheet churn. Analyze business results and plan for growth with Infor PM. Streamline business processes, automate budget cycles and consolidate information about hospitality-specific financial performance. Easily create customized reports for analysis, recast the budget and create what-if scenarios as needed.

Workforce Management
Manage profitability. Control workforce costs, increase revenue and adapt to changing conditions on the fly with Infor WFM. Configure workforce scheduling software for each department, from housekeeping to banquets. Get the right skill, in the right location, with the right shift and rotation. Stop spinning wheels on tactical scheduling and compliance issues today.

Enterprise Asset Management
Sustain profitability. Proactively manage assets and maintenance activities with Infor EAM. Identify key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues and make forward-looking decisions that improve labor productivity, equipment availability and warranty cost recovery. Get help to go green with data and tools to demonstrate unnecessary consumption.

Make More Money – Now
Make more money with Infor Hospitality hotel software, software that addresses every major profit center of a hotel enterprise. SoftBrands is an Infor affiliate with more than 10,000 properties worldwide using its hotel management software solutions. Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 125 countries improve operations and drive growth.

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