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2012 Spring
New York, NY

Accelerate Business Performance
The technology industry has seen radical advancements in the way consumers interact with digital devices. Unfortunately, the same advancements have not occurred in most hospitality business applications. They still use forms-based, task-oriented screens updated from a design used decades ago. But hoteliers can now accelerate their business performance with Infor10 Hospitality – fast, flexible, usable software featuring breakthrough innovations that embody an entirely new vision of how hotels interact with business software.

With Infor10 Hospitality, hotels can manage critical functions such as online reputation, social media interaction, in-context business intelligence and operational tasks, plus deliver relevant information to specific users to take immediate action.

Say goodbye to the complex, time-consuming process of managing information and tasks in multiple disparate systems, because Infor10 Hospitality unifies transaction processing, business intelligence, mobility and the social enterprise into one common, relevant user experience, providing critical information at the point of decision.

Interact Socially
Social media has taken reputation and referral to a whole new level. Full online interaction is now a competitive requirement. Infor10 Hospitality enables the management of user-generated content and interactive marketing campaigns with:

  • Online reputation management. Interaction is as quick and easy as checking room availability.
  • Sales and marketing channel. The tools to publicize campaigns are in the same workspace as the property management system. There is no longer a need to open a separate Web browser, log in and sift through multiple notifications and interactions.
  • News about the competition. Have the rates competitive hotels are charging – and the online campaigns they are promoting – pushed to the desktop. React immediately.

Use In-context Intelligence
Users get information that’s relevant to the work they’re doing, while they’re doing it, with Infor10 ION Business Vault, an unbreakable, single-source information repository for analytics and reporting. That means users will be able to react immediately to results and provide personalized service.

Keep a Pulse
Improve productivity with a system that pushes relevant information to the users. With Infor10 ION Pulse, each user can identify important data elements and activity rules to trigger private, Twitter-style alerts and messages that can be viewed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device for immediate action.

Define the Solution
Users have unprecedented choice over how they purchase, deploy and manage their hotel software with Infor10 Hospitality. They can start where they have the most urgent need, with applications for property management, call center management, financial management/back office, performance management, asset management, work force and human capital management and customer relationship management.

With such a wide range of application and deployment options for Infor10 Hospitality, users can choose the model that best meets their business needs, subscription SaaS, hosted-SaaS or on premise.

See Results Now
There is considerable pressure today for hospitality companies to interact with social media influence and make better use of big data. Infor10 delivers a platform that enables hoteliers to change the way work is done – outside and inside their businesses – focused on improving guest service and enhancing the bottom line.

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