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2012 Summer
New York, NY

Accelerate the Speed of Business Performance
The technology industry has seen major advancements in user experience paradigms. As a result, the way consumers interact with digital devices has radically changed. Unfortunately, the same advancements have not occurred in most hospitality business applications. Most work is still done using forms-based, task-oriented screens that are updates from the design used decades ago. Infor is changing that. Its goal is to help accelerate business performance, take advantage of fast, flexible, usable software with breakthrough innovations that embody an entirely new vision of how business software is used, integrated, deployed and upgraded.

Hotel Management
With Infor10 SoftBrands HMS – a powerful guest experience management solution – organizations can manage critical functions such as operational tasks, online reputation, social media interaction, in-context business intelligence and alerts that push relevant information to specific users so they can take immediate action. Plus, users can define the system interaction to match the way they do business with customizable screen design and process flows. Because Infor10 SoftBrands HMS leverages the power of the Infor10 technology platform, it delivers a flexible, scalable solution that fundamentally changes the way the property management system is used today.

Call Center Management
Attract more guests, lower reservation costs, increase revenue and make more money with Infor10 SoftBrands HMS Call Center. Whether reservations are delivered through third-party agents, channel booking partners or a call center, the solution integrates and distributes data about guests, inventory and rates across the company.

Financial Management
Grow revenue and cut costs with Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) and Infor10 Financials iEnterprise (Infinium). Users get a reliable view of hospitality-specific financial performance across their entire organization, and are able to adapt to challenging business environments. Plus, they easily comply with industry regulations and best practices.

Budget Automation, Strategic Reporting and Analytics
Analyze business results and plan for growth with Infor10 Corporate Performance Management (PM10). Streamline business processes, automate the budget cycle, consolidate information about hospitality-specific financial performance, create customized reports for the business and thoroughly analyze financial data. Workforce Management

Control workforce costs, increase revenue and adapt to changing conditions on the fly with Infor10 WFM (Workbrain). Configure workforce scheduling software for each department, from housekeeping to banquets. Get the right skill, in the right location, with the right shift and rotation. Stop spinning wheels on tactical scheduling and compliance issues today.

Enterprise Asset Management
Proactively manage assets and maintenance activities to identify key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues and make forward-looking decisions that improve labor productivity, equipment availability and warranty cost recovery.
Drive Profits
Grow top line, manage bottom line and drive profits with Infor hotel software.  More than 10,000 properties worldwide use hotel management software solutions from Infor. Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping 70,000 customers in 125 countries improve operations and drive growth.

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