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2010 Fall
New York, NY

What if You Could Create Customers for Life?
In your competitive market, guest loyalty is essential. Retaining your guests means you need to make them feel special. You have developed a unique market concept, and your staff works hard to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. All you need is the right tools to let you focus on creating a personalized experience – before, during and after the guest stay – to create customers for life.

What’s preventing you from creating a unique experience? Hotel managers tell us they want to find differentiators to drive and grow their business. Yet we often hear challenges like these:

  • I don’t have a single view of my guest or my related properties.
  • I don’t have the tools to get a bigger share of various booking channels.
  • We’re not giving our guests a compelling reason to come back.
  • Our communication campaigns are not producing enough results.

Don’t You Deserve the Right Tools to Address Your Challenges and More?
SoftBrands, an Infor affiliate, provides global end-to-end solutions for corporate chains, management companies, independent hotels, government lodging and diverse housing operations to help you exceed your guests’ expectations. You can get integrated, flexible solutions to help you manage your complex hotel operations and inventory distribution, consolidate and standardize your information across your enterprise, obtain knowledge about your guests at the ready, and market to your guests based on their interests and communication preferences. Consider the following options: property management, central reservation management, reservation distribution, spa and leisure activity management and food and beverage management.

Isn’t It Time to Close the Loop Between Your Front and Back Office Systems?
Your front office is designed for hospitality. Shouldn’t your back office be too? Connecting your hospitality-specific financial strategy with your front office results closes the loop and enables you to make better decisions – faster. For a complete suite of financial and strategic planning tools, consider the following: financial management, performance management, customer relationship management and human capital management.

Where in the World Will You Be Going Next?
Is your technology partner everywhere you need to be? With 116 offices in 34 countries and a global network of business partners, Infor-SoftBrands may already be there to serve you better. With multilanguage, multicurrency and localized solutions already in place, it is ready to help you access and use critical information to boost your bottom line. 

Are You Confident Your Technology Investment Will Last?
Do you have integrated and flexible solutions designed within an open architecture – so you can add any component to your existing system at any time – and grow with ease? You need tomorrow’s technology – today. Tools providing the control you need so that you can adapt to the most demanding business environment and deliver the best experience for your guests are available today with Infor-SoftBrands global hospitality solutions.

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