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2011 Spring
New York, NY

Make More Money – Now.
Whether an organization is a hotel, resort, casino or government lodging agency, it needs a technology partner that understands its business and can deliver globally innovative solutions. Streamline operations, centralize processes, and increase bookings with Infor-SoftBrands, one of the world’s largest software companies with a commitment to the hotel industry.

Property Management
Manage availability, rates, reservations, guest profiles, and in-house services with Infor-SoftBrands PMS (Property Management Systems). By integrating the front office with sales and marketing and central reservations distribution, organizations get a centralized, unified look at their guests and their business performance.

Central Reservations
Attract more guests, lower reservation costs, increase revenue, and make more money with Infor-SoftBrands CRS (Central Reservations System). Whether an organization gets reservations through third-party agents, channel booking partners, or its call center, it will be able to integrate and distribute data about its guests, inventory and rates across its company.

Financial Management
Grow revenue and cut costs with Infor FMS (Financial Management System) for Hospitality. Organizations will get a reliable view of financial performance across their entire organization, and be able to adapt to challenging business environments. Plus, they will be able to comply with industry regulations and best practices.

Budget Automation, Strategic Reporting and Analytics
Analyze business results and plan for growth with Infor PM (Performance Management) for Hospitality. Organizations can streamline business processes, automate their budget cycle, consolidate information about their financial performance, create customized reports for their business, and thoroughly analyze their financial data.

Customer Relations
Personalize inbound and outbound marketing programs with Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for Hospitality, which tailors offers to customers’ specific wants and needs at any given time. An organization only needs to ask its guests once about their preferences and service-level requests, because it gets a centralized profile for each customer.

Asset and Incident Management
Log and track all types of maintenance incidents – everything from unclogging a sink or changing a light bulb to remodeling a wing of rooms – with Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management). Organizations will get fewer out-of-service calls, decrease costs, and drive profits and growth.

Workforce Management
Control workforce costs, increase revenue, and adapt to changing conditions on the fly with Infor WFM (Workforce Management) for Hospitality, which integrates with an organization’s IT infrastructure and covers all areas of WFM.

Government Lodging Management
Manage room, bed and rate inventory with Infor-SoftBrands’ proven commercial off-the-shelf applications, Epitome and Core. Get built-in requirements for rank, gender and purpose of visit. Plus, organizations can rest assured their systems will totally comply with payment card industry security standards.

Gaming Solutions
Keep a long-term place at the table with high-performance Infor FMS Infinium, Infor HCM (Human Capital Management) Infinium and Infor WFM Labor Scheduler, joining 100 percent of Fortune 500 gaming companies and 93 percent of the Las Vegas Strip. Get the most out of employees, make better decisions, and control security and costs.

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