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2020 Fall
New York, NY

While the recent pandemic has impacted the hospitality and restaurant industries, it has also proven an important point about the digitalization journey. Get started now if you haven’t already. Leaders in the industry have a focus on technology that can evolve and will align their businesses with where the industry is headed. They’ve been asking the essential question: how will we be doing business in the future? 

A key step is uncoupling from legacy systems and their limitations in favor of the cloud. This enables organizations to unify everything during a period when responding quickly to external forces is essential. A unified business data environment provides the fuel for examining conditions in a more informed manner. Businesses can establish KPIs and roadmaps with greater clarity, and more intelligently invest in new technologies that integrate with each other. Cloud infrastructure also enables more scalable workflows, so hospitality organizations are better able to share resources and insights across an entire business – whether at home, on mobile devices, on-site in properties or at head offices. Such flexibility, access and scalability are proving integral to thriving in this state of sudden change.   

Hospitality solutions are helping organizations address these current challenges. For hotel property management systems, developments like mobile reservations, self-managed upgrades and the use of mobile devices as room keys support a high-tech, not high-touch, approach to contactless guest experiences. Mobile-based functionality benefits housekeeping staff, empowering them with greater visibility of timelines, schedules and activities. Enabled by cloud PMS, hotels can respond more intelligently and prioritize tasks to ensure strict cleaning regimens are executed consistently. 

The same goes for reservations management solutions that help hotels, resorts and casinos more efficiently manage bookings of amenities like spas, gyms, pool areas, restaurants and more, ensuring social-distancing measures. They also gain greater precision to avoid double-bookings, manage overstays and account for no-shows. 

Intelligent revenue management solutions allow organizations to unlock the value in every square foot of their properties, including traditional guestrooms and function spaces, outdoor areas and even sections of the lobby that can be adapted for meeting areas. Such solutions help expand inventory in support of social distancing while also creating new revenue sources. These are just a few examples of how cloud-managed emerging technology is empowering hospitality leaders to weather unprecedented conditions and to envision the future more clearly.

Here’s the most important point – if the pandemic ended tomorrow, the value of developing a cloud-based platform with this kind of functionality would remain. The mission for any hotel, resort or casino should be to always deliver guest comfort. Scaling toward where hotels, resorts and casinos need to be, under any conditions, is always the goal. The difference will be the digital reach to quickly scale in response to shifting trends and economic realities. Consider our present times as a clarion call to hoteliers to create more visibility, deepen connections between teams, increase intelligence and empower staff to better anticipate and adapt to that change. 

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