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Vendor Updates

Maestro PMS

2020 Spring
Markham, Ontario

“Maestro PMS made great advances in 2019 that included guest- and staff-facing mobile features and integrated Live Chat support capability,” said Warren Dehan, president of Maestro PMS. “Live Chat is a perfect addition to our professional 24-hour help desk and online eLearning services. Maestro’s new Mobile enhancements create a personalized guest journey and greater staff productivity that are the future of property management.” 

Maestro’s 2020 development roadmap includes:

  • Extended deployment options of Maestro’s web browser and tablet version hosted in the cloud, self-hosted or on-premise.
  • Additions to mobile apps and portable/handheld operations for staff and guests to increase productivity and personalize the digital guest journey.
  • Greater channel management flexibility to boost direct booking and reduce fees.
  • Expanded data mining tools with new business intelligence and analytics views that support more profitable management by the numbers.
  • The increase of Maestro’s expansive library of more than 600 integrations through Maestro’s API.
  • Strengthened credit card security and gateway support for more payment companies.

Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts Optimizes Revenue and Loyalty at Seven Mixed-use Condo Hotels
Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts uses Maestro analytics business intelligence (BI) for real-time performance tracking and data mining for targeted marketing campaigns. Maestro Analytics collects performance metrics and guest data that lets managers leverage demand trends to market to guests more effectively. Analytics provides custom reports that track forecasted performance compared to same day last year for continuously optimized rates based on real-time data.   

Award-Winning SilverStar Mountain Resort Trusts Maestro PMS 
SilverStar Mountain Resort trusts Maestro PMS in self-hosted private cloud for guest-focused multiproperty resorts and owner operations. Seasonal staff get trained quickly with e-Learning and live chat training. 

Live Chat makes training Silverstar’s teams easier. Staff are instantly recognized once they click chat through the Maestro system and get fast system answers directly from Maestro’s help team. Maestro’s online owner’s portal allows owners to get statements, check unit bookings, look at work orders and more. SilverStar uses the Maestro web browser and Windows versions with an on-premise central server that lets staff securely access Maestro from any property from either a Windows session or a web browser.  

Banff Lodging Company Delivers High Touch Guest Experience
This independent resort chain delivers a high touch guest experience by having all properties on one database. This simplifies cross-selling, guest recognition and group sales optimization.

Maestro’s centralized yield and rate management is instrumental in Banff Lodging Company’s revenue growth. Cathy Geisler, reservations manager and employee owner at BLC, said, “We have added a number of properties since we installed Maestro in 2008. When we add a hotel to our reservation network on Maestro, the property always increases revenue. Maestro’s centralized multiproperty database enables us to have a centralized call center and management processes. The system lets us set standard optimized rates and market and book our properties from one call center.”

Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites Deploys Maestro Cloud PMS 
Lord Nelson wanted a cloud-based PMS that supported specific modules on one platform. Maestro’s suite of fully-integrated modules on a single-image database was ideal for the property’s unique operation. Lord Nelson installed Maestro’s front desk, sales and catering, ResWave online direct booking engine, mobile housekeeping and other modules on Maestro’s cloud-based system. Lord Nelson discovered an unexpected benefit with Maestro web. When power went out during a storm, Maestro’s cloud-based system enabled the property to continue operations using iPads and mobile devices. Maestro’s mobile housekeeping module even kept housekeepers doing their job with tablets.

For more information on Maestro PMS, please visit www.maestropms.com.

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