Vendor Updates


2020 Fall
New York, NY

The COVID-19 outbreak has drastically hit the global hospitality industry. MCOMS,  like many others in the industry has been significantly affected. At the same time we had to address the immediate need that our hotel clients communicated to us: Can you waive our monthly fees. If we heard that once, we heard it a hundred times.  Our COVID-19 relief plan came out within days of their requests. We immediately waived all April through June payments. While not all of our suppliers gave us relief, we still felt it was our obligation and duty to support our customers’ needs and we did so.  

Offering relief was not all we looked at. What will hotels and their guests want down the road as hotels reopen? Once again, we looked at what hoteliers were asking for and what the industry was demanding. A contactless experience for guests in their hotel rooms became the new buzz in the industry over the following months. MCOMS realized this need early on and offered all our clients a checkout feature through the HOTstream TV User Interface (UI). This is offered within the same TV UI and gives the ability to view all the hotel information on the TV screen. This allows guests to not to pick up or touch the in-room directories. Last but not least, we offered the ability for the guest to use their own devices as remotes to change channels on the TV, access EPG and video on demand movies, without touching the in-room TV remotes.  

Through the HOTstream Mobile solution, which we offered at a significantly reduced price point, we allowed access to multiple features and services on guests’ devices, eliminating the need for direct contact with the hotel staff. Features include express checkout, the ability to make reservations to hotel facilities, restaurants, spa or golf, order in-room dining, service requests as well as view bill and hotel directories. Many of our existing customers have opted for our HOTstream Mobile Solution, embracing the new possibilities and wanting to put their guests at ease of mind. 

As we continue to live within the uncertainty of COVID-19, we decided to adapt our relief plans to regional needs, as some hotels reopened and other decided to postpone their reopening.

“Hotels have been working hard to adapt to the new normal and provide a safe environment for their guests. By selecting MCOMS HOTstream solution they can continue to dazzle their guests with no loss of safety or quality. In these hard times, technology can help. If we all do our part we will get through these difficult and trying times and come out better as an industry,” said Mr. Costas Sakellariou, MCOMS CEO.

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