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MODIO Guestroom Acoustic Control

2020 Spring
Burlington, ON

For much of its history, Burlington, Ontario-based KR Moeller Associates Ltd. (KRM) primarily focused on developing sound masking solutions to address speech privacy and noise control needs in commercial offices. In these environments, the goal is to improve productivity and confidentiality, but the company’s work in hospital patient rooms allowed it to see how its technology could also be used to help occupants fall asleep and stay asleep. That attention to slumber brought KRM into the hospitality field.

Improving Guest Comfort
“We started to think about other facilities where a good night’s sleep is important, and decided to take a deeper look at the noise issues experienced within hotels,” says Niklas Moeller, vice president of MODIO. “We discovered that noise is one of the top guest complaints across the industry. And a large part of the problem is one with which we were already very familiar, based on our experience with other types of buildings: The ambient sound in guestrooms is too low, leaving occupants exposed to all kinds of intermittent noises. This is exactly the type of problem that can be mitigated or even eliminated by a masking solution.”

A Unique Solution
Hotel managers were coming to KRM with “serious concerns relating to noise,” Moeller says. The company then began implementing its commercial sound masking system, LogiSon Acoustic Network, inside guestrooms. While it worked well from an acoustical perspective, installing the components in this type of environment proved challenging. So, the company’s R&D team went back to the drawing board.

The result was MODIO, a sound masking device specifically designed for guestrooms. This technology only takes minutes to install, and can either be implemented in rooms with persistent noise issues or in all rooms to prevent unforeseen complaints. The masking sound is on when the guest enters their room. If they want to adjust the level, all they have to do is turn the dial on the control pad. After checkout, staff restore it to the default setting.

“We use Maestro software to ensure that the sound diffused into the room meets a particular masking spectrum,” Moeller says. “Unlike the hissy white noise machines some hoteliers might have experienced in the past, MODIO provides the full range of frequencies required to not only ensure guest comfort, but to cover the widest variety of typical hotel noises.”

Benefits of Sound Masking
“When done correctly, sound masking is a highly effective contributor to guestrooms’ acoustic performance and to guest experience,” Moeller says. Data collected from a wide variety of properties under the Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton and Dream Hotel brands shows that MODIO can reduce noise complaints by up to 80% and dramatically impact guest scores for comfort and sleep. “That’s why many of our hotel partners call installing MODIO a ‘no-brainer’ and guests have posted hundreds of online reviews specifically calling it out as one of their favourite aspects of their stay,” he says.

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