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Vendor Updates


2023 Spring
Woodland Hills, Calif.

With Nomadix, people feel at home everywhere they go. Nomadix develops, deliver and support technologies that enable venues to connect visitors to their world. It offers a broad range of hotel internet and guest-facing solutions.

Secure Connectivity: High quality internet access is critical for any hotel. It’s often cited as the top amenity for a positive stay, with most guests not rebooking after a poor Wi-Fi experience. The Nomadix Networks portfolio includes internet gateways, which are the preferred solution for many leading global brands and properties. These robust and secure products allow for powerful and patented bandwidth management, and personalized, frictionless guest internet access. The product family also offers a range of wireless access points (with a choice of indoor, outdoor and wall plate options), controllers and LAN switches designed to comply with stringent hospitality standards. The overall product line focuses on value for performance, quality and simplicity and offers the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. To comply with employee safety initiatives and laws, the company offers Nomadix Alerts, which help safeguard isolated hotel staff from threats and harassment and offer built-in fall detection. The device also monitors, alerts and reports on the quality and security of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Nomadix also leads the market is with its hospitality-focused Passpoint solution. It allows for more secure and private guest onboarding and roaming, while providing the option to engage with users throughout their stays. It offers integration capabilities to upsell and cross-sell, and provides a solution to the MAC address randomization challenge. Lastly, the Nomadix Hotel Portal enables brands and managed service providers (MSPs) to centralize the management and some of the functionalities of their Nomadix products’ estates.

In-Room Entertainment: Nomadix Casting allows guests to automatically pair their personal devices to their in-room TV when they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and then easily cast their preferred shows and other content from Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and thousands of other popular streaming apps. It removes the inconvenience of remembering passwords and the security concerns of logging into public devices. 

Contactless Engagement: Nomadix offers multilingual digital concierge, available via in-room devices and a mobile app, helps fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the property and creates a contactless, next-generation hotel experience. Angie in-room voice assistants provide the capabilities of multiple devices, such as alarm clocks, telephones, tablets and smart speakers, and can integrate with other in-room workflow, room control and smart technologies. Its natural language voice AI engine enables hotels to define questions and responses to assist stretched staff and provide upsell and advertising opportunities. Additionally, Nomadix Cloud Telephony cost-effectively replaces end-of-life phone systems and meets the latest emergency calling requirements. The service works with Nomadix IP phones, Angie guestroom devices and most SIP/IP phones on the market.

For more information on Nomadix guest-facing and internet infrastructure solutions, contact: https://nomadix.com/general-contact/.

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